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Mizzou Links, 9-11-08

Pretty sure Gabe stole the thoughts out of my own head with his latest Powered Up column:

Throughout the month of August, I watched Missouri practice about 20 times. And I kept coming back to one thing: "I don't think this offense is going to be as good as it was last year."

Turns out, by being wrong, I was right. This offense isn't as good as last year's. It's better.


So the passing game is fine. But the reason this Tiger offense is better is the running game. Derrick Washington is already the best running back Missouri has had since Zack Abron. Yes, I'm aware he has a long way to go to catch Tony Temple production wise, but anybody that saw what Washington did to Illinois realizes the potential is there. Last season, the Tigers couldn't move the ball an inch on the ground against the Illini (33 carries, 70 yards). This year, Washington sliced through them with shocking ease.

He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack...

Nevada Links!

The Missourian discusses the kinks involved with Mizzou's PPV process.

PowerMizzou shows some love to Jared Perry for his strong start to the season.  Meanwhile, Jimmy Jackson: Ultimate Team Player.

Interesting news here: I'm used to Louisiana schools having to postpone games because of hurricane threats, but...not Texas.

A couple recruiting links for you regarding a couple WRs: 4-star NC WR Jheranie Boyd continues to talk up the Mizzou offense to non-Mizzou reporters (and you have to love his "3 catches, 159 yards" line from last week), and 3-star NE WR Vondre Tostenson might be willing to leave the state if he were to get a Mizzou offer.

Finally, a volleyball link.  The Missourian takes a look at the long road that took Lauren Nuckolls to the Mizzou Volleyball program...