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Some late-Saturday thoughts...

11:30 kickoffs are so damn jarring to the system.  Since the game ended, I've recorded a podcast, driven home, worked out, gone out for dinner (okay, gone out to get carry-out Gumby's), and live-blogged for 3.5 hours at FO, and it's still not quite time for bed yet.  So here are some random thoughts about today's action after the jump...

* Seriously, if there's a better offense in the country than Mizzou's, show it to me now.

* I was trying to give Ohio State credit for being better than naysayers were suggesting,, they're pretty much exactly what the naysayers suggested.  They're a Top 10-15 team, and nothing more.

* I have no idea why Terrelle Pryor chose to go play in that offensive system.

* Mark Sanchez is wonderful at checking down through his receivers, but I'm not sold on his arm yet.

* 3-2, Auburn?  Really?  Watched Q4 of that game...simply horrendous.  Auburn's first-year spread might be worse than Michigan's.  Okay, it's not that bad, but it's close.

* OU looked reeeeeeeeally good tonight.

* James Laurinaitis = overrated.  He looked lost on more than one occasion today.  But his dad was still Animal, so I'm still okay with him.

* I was just about ready to believe Cal was a really good team, and then they went to College Park.

* Todd Reesing vs Matt Grothe seemed like a good matchup of Favre-esque gunslingers, but if I had to bet my life on one or the other, I'd have guessed it would be Grothe who was Bad Favre and Reesing who was Good Favre, not the other way around.

* I'm curious if USC and OU can maintain their focus for all the not-so-big games remaining on their schedule, because it's obvious they both love the big games.

* Really, Illinois?  The team I saw in the Dome two weeks ago should not be barely scraping by UL-Lafayette.

* Really, UCLA?  59-0?  Max Hall with 7 TD's?

* Georgia: 252 total yards.  The 'Cocks have a pretty good defense, but...yeah, I've got problems putting Georgia any higher than #4 right now.

* I wish Tech's field hadn't been fully drained.  That would have been fun to watch.

* Six turnovers?  Really, Michigan?

* Jesse Palmer is far from my favorite analyst (pretty sure he still thinks our QB's last name is Daniels), but I must say...College Football Final is so much more freaking enjoyable with him than with Lou Holtz.  So much more freaking enjoyable.

* Duke, Vanderbilt and Northwestern are a combined 8-1 right now.  Stock up on canned goods.

* Here's my current Top 10 (for now):

  1. USC
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Missouri
  4. Florida
  5. Georgia
  6. LSU
  7. Texas
  8. Penn State
  9. idea from here on out.  Wisconsin?  BYU?  Oregon?  Auburn?  Alabama?  Ohio State?