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Mizzou Links, 9-16-08

It's Like Father, Unlike Son!

ESPN's Mark Schlabach evaluates the football conferences pretty accurately, I think.  1) I do like that he was brave enough to put the Mountain West over the ACC and Big East.  2) One qualm: Brandon Tate and Drew Willy above Chase Daniel on the Top Offensive Performers list?  Really?  I mean...Jeremy Maclin had better numbers than Tate did...

I posted a quote last night, but here's more from Pinkel's Monday press conference:

On Missouri’s offensive line:
"It’s coming together, you’re never there. I think it’s coming. Dan Hoch has done a really good job, we played him a little in the first half, our normal substitution plan. I think young players are getting more experience. They key was, can a guy like Elvis Fisher come in and play that position and still keep all the other areas solid and not have to move guys around. And that has enabled us to do that and you have to recognize him (Fisher) for playing at the level he’s playing. He’s certainly had a good test, we’ve been playing some good teams."

On Derrick Washington:
"Derrick Washington has come in and played at a very high level. When you lose a starter like Tony Temple, and you wonder why we might be executing so well, it’s because a tailback comes in and is playing at such a high level and then you have all these experienced players around him so you are able to execute better."

PowerMizzou's got audio from the PC.

Buffalo Links!

  • It's the official release! ("Dating back to the season-opening win against Illinois in 2007, Mizzou has won 8 consecutive non-conference games. That is the longest such streak in school history, with last Saturday’s win over Nevada breaking a tie with the previous mark from 1981-82. The last non-conference defeat the Tigers suffered was a 39-38 loss to Oregon State in the 2006 Sun Bowl. If you take bowl games out of the equation, then the Tigers have won 12 straight regular-season non-league games, dating back to a win over Troy in 2005.")
  • Dave Matter: Quick injury notes--Andrew Gachkar is doubtful with a strained Achilles, while William Moore is "probable to doubtful", whatever the hell that means.
  • Buffalo News: Willy's dramatic pass grabs national attention.
  • Naaman Roosevelt Named MAC East Offensive Player of the Week.

Back to William Moore: he's getting frustrated with the injury.

Moore knows he should sit out Saturday’s game. Missouri has a bye week thereafter and then opens Big 12 play at Nebraska on Oct. 4. Rest would help.

“It was a proven fact,” he said. “I hurt it in the Illinois game. I took practice pretty easy, didn’t play SEMO, and came back and practiced.

“That week of practice I was good. I was ready to go.”

Physically, yes. But something was bothering Moore as he took the field last Saturday against Nevada.

His foot felt good. But he wasn’t sure of it. He admitted he held back on some plays. He admitted he wasn’t Willy Mo, the name by which all friends and foes know him.

“Cautious,” Moore said.

In happier injury news, Danario Alexander is feeling good.

Dave Matter posts his weekly Big 12 notes.

A basketball recruiting note: Michael Snaer visited Florida State this weekend and had what appears to be an identical reaction as he did to the Mizzou trip.  Kool-Aid Perry uses the word "great" 18 times in the article.  So there you go.  Not too worried about it, really, but the great 'coachspeak' quotes are great...great, I tell you...

Finally...Shawn Michaels? Really?  I was always a Sting man myself...but I shouldn't have an opinion on this one, as I couldn't really name a single new wrestler from the last 5 Rugged Ronnie Garvin still around?  Demolition?  Koko B. Ware?  JYD?

Hmm...that gives me an excuse to search the youtubes...

Ahh yes...