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Mizzou Links, 9-17-08

How much scoring is too much?  Gary Pinkel wants to know.  And I do love the part about the 15 BCS teams who haven't scored 57 points in three games.  Meanwhile, the KC Star and Post-Dispatch talk about the same thing--that Mizzou can't help but score.

PowerMizzou has a nice story on Mizzou's offensive line.

Perhaps the biggest shock to [Colin] Brown is that he's a part of such a group. Five years ago, unsure which direction to take his college career, he decided to walk on at Mizzou from tiny Braymer, MO. At 6-foot-8, Pinkel knew he had a big body, but he didn't know if he had anything beyond that.

"When he first came in, he looked good. He always looked good," Pinkel said. "I knew he would look good walking off the bus, maybe intimidate (our opponents). Whether he could play football or not, I didn't know that."

Neither, to be honest about it, did Brown.

"I remember I was talking to my dad about a week before I showed up I was talking to him about what I was going to do if I showed up and I was absolutely the worst player," Brown remembered. "It was something I thought might last a season, maybe two. I really thought this would be completely over my head and I'd never even be good enough to have a chance to even compete."

It's Cut to the Chase time!!!  Meanwhile, Mr. Daniel has moved to #1 on's and ESPN's Heisman Watch lists...and by a decent margin.  And he's not the only Big 12 QB getting recognition--a majority of Pat Forde's weekly Dash column is dedicated to the conference's right arms.  In a world where few SEC teams seem to have competent offenses, the Big 12 is making a nice splash.

Buffalo Links!  Okay, link...

  • Missourian: Buffalo coach Gill sees allure of playing Tigers

The Maneater has an ode to Chase Patton.

On the recruiting front, it appears that Mizzou has slowly but surely worked its way back onto 4-star safety Kevin Brent's radar screen--he hasn't mentioned Mizzou in a while, but now Columbia's a possible destination for an official visit. Meanwhile, 3-star Houston WR Ja-Mes Logan has Mizzou penciled in at #5 right now.  And 3-star NC safety Willie "Jheranie Boyd's Friend" Kennedy visited Colorado last weekend--no word on whether he's going to visit Mizzou or not.

Finally, the Big 12 season begins for the 5-4 Mizzou Volleyball team tonight--here's the official release for tonight's game in Norman.  I still think this "no home games for the first month of the season" thing is ridiculous...though I guess it can't hurt the RPI, huh?