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Mizzou Links, 9-18-08

Jared Perry dares you to press him.

Perry wasn’t happy with his diminished role and meager production but said he never considered transferring. After the Cotton Bowl, Perry talked with his parents in La Marque, Texas, and decided his only recourse was to rededicate himself to the game, especially considering there would be opportunities in spring camp with three-year starter Will Franklin headed to the NFL and classmate Danario Alexander recovering from knee surgery.

Shortly before spring practices began, he sat down with wide receivers coach Andy Hill and delivered a message.

"I told him he’s going to see a different person out of me," Perry said.

The results came instantly. Promoted to starter, perhaps by default with the turnover at receiver, Perry flashed his big-play ability from 2006 and entrenched himself in the starting lineup in time for preseason camp.

"I knew I had to gain confidence from everybody, the fans, the coaches," said Perry, who was voted the team’s most improved receiver during the spring. "I just tried to go out and practice and gain Chase’s respect that way."

The KC Star's Mike Dearmond makes a pretty good point: if we're going to blitz this much, we should probably think about actually getting to the QB more often.

Buffalo Links!

Jake Harry: well-rested.  And good.

It's Good, Bad and Sleazy time!!

Well, KSU didn't exactly repay me for my optimism last night.  31-14 on First Downs?  Really?  And only 12 carries?  And Josh Freeman still can't throw an out-route accurately...

It's not a great one, but...MAILBAG!!!

Finally...Mizzou Volleyball's now 0-1 in conference after a 4-set loss to OU in Norman last night.  Lei Wang was solid in the setting department, but...a) while both teams hit like crap (OU's .135 kill % was barely better than MU's .129), OU they had a go to girl--Francie Ekwerekwu--and we didn't; and b) we made another 12 freaking service errors.  That made the biggest difference.  The Tigers have to get the serving under control.  The Missourian has a nice article about the freshmen who are getting some decent playing time, but...well, they need to start playing better!