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Mizzou Links, 9-19-08

For somebody who hasn't really made a big play yet, Jacquies Smith is creating some serious buzz just for looking like a soon-to-be big playmaker.

Spurred on by encouragement from seniors Chavis, Sulak and defensive tackle Ziggy Hood, Smith used his uncommon speed to catch the attention of MU coaches and earn a spot in the rotation at defensive end.

"Me and Stryker, we needed some help at the defensive end position. We can’t do it all by ourselves for 14 games," Chavis said. "We just talk, try to keep him relaxed and everything like that. He just goes out and performs. He’s doing a good job."

Eberflus echoed that sentiment.

"He’s been great," he said. "He’s learned the techniques from Coach Kul" (Kuligowski) "and plays really hard. I think being from a good program down in Texas, I think fundamentally, he’s strong. I think he’s doing great for us. I’ve been real impressed with him."

Oh yeah, and it's Ja-QWEES.  Good to know.

Former Mizzou players: impressed.

Mike Dearmond talks about the 'redshirts aflame' this year at Mizzou.

Buffalo Links!

Pretty fun crowd for this game, but...not really a fun game.  In fact, it was a bit of a dud considering it was an OT game in front of a solid crowd.  But hey...go Big 12, I guess.  SI's Fan Nation has more...

Finally, I'm not sure why this came about now, but has released its Men's Basketball preview.

Entering year No. 3 of his rebuilding charge, Anderson is finally welcoming his first full recruiting haul to campus and will accent his heralded group of newcomers with a nucleus of players that led the Tigers throughout the final 12 games of the 2007-08 campaign.

Back for Missouri are forwards DeMarre Carroll and Leo Lyons, both of whom earned postseason accolades last season, as well as guards Matt Lawrence and J.T. Tiller. Also returning is athletic forward Justin Safford as well as reliable reserve guards Michael Anderson, Jr., and Nick Berardini to give the Tigers a veteran group to help balance the largest influx of new players in over a decade.

"I think we saw some good things take place with this team late last season," Anderson said. "The guys we had on the floor are coming back and they did some things to help us improve. Now that we have a new air of freshness coming in, there will be an opportunity to create depth. Once we have that depth in place, then we'll be able to more effectively play our brand of up-tempo basketball."