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Week 1 BlogPoll Ballot

With official ballots not being due until Wednesday, this ballot is open for argument.

Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal --
2 Georgia --
3 Oklahoma --
4 Florida --
5 Missouri --
6 Ohio State --
7 LSU --
8 Wisconsin --
9 West Virginia --
10 Auburn 1
11 Texas 1
12 Texas Tech 1
13 Kansas 1
14 South Florida 2
15 Arizona State 2
16 Alabama 10
17 Wake Forest 4
18 Clemson 8
19 Illinois 1
20 Penn State 1
21 Tennessee 6
22 Brigham Young 2
23 UCLA 3
24 Cincinnati --
25 Utah 1
Dropped Out: Oregon (#22), Virginia Tech (#23), Fresno State (#25).
Just Missed Out: Fresno State, Cal, Stanford, Oregon


Quick Thoughts:
  • Bama makes its debut at No. 17. I thought they were too young, but they looked pretty ready to me by the end of their win over Clemson.
  • Virginia Tech, who I've been down on all offseason, is now nowhere near my Top 25.
  • Tennessee, who I had been I high on, drops a six-spot thanks to the road loss to His Coachness Sir Rick Neuheisel and UCLA. The Bruins, as a result, replace Oregon at No. 23. Should I switch Tennessee and UCLA at Nos. 21 and 23?
  • Illinois takes a small drop to No. 19, but the Illini proved to me Saturday that they are definitely one of the Top 20 teams in America right now.
  • I gave Wake Forest a bump, not because they blew out Baylor (they should), but because they have the look of a team who inherently knows how to win football games. With Clemson and Va. Tech choking, I think the Deacs become the ACC frontrunners.
  • Utah rounds out the Top 25. Everyone seems to be sleeping on them thanks largely to all the spotlight on BYU this year.
  • I'm having trouble with allowing myself to drop Fresno State out of the Top 25 after a solid road win at Rutgers. I want to put the Bulldogs back in, but who on my current Top 25 would have to go to make room?
  • The "Just Missed Out" category features a lot of California flair. I was very impressed with Stanford in the Cardinal win over Oregon State.