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Late-Saturday thoughts...

Some quick non-Big 12 thoughts after the sleepy...


* Sucks that UNC's QB (TJ Yates) got hurt when he did.  The Heels were up 17-3 when Yates got hurt, and they lost to Va Tech, 20-17.  I was really hoping we'd see a different champ from that division, but VT's in the driver's seat now, despite the fact that I don't think they're very good and I think they'll lose to NU next week.

* Miami-FL seems to be the biggest threat to VT in that division now...and that's really no fun.  UNC woulda been different.

* Wake Forest looked pretty good against FSU to....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  12-3?  Really?  Are the only good QBs in the country in the Big 12?  Ugh.

Big East

* Way to hold on to beat Northeastern, Syracuse.  Way to get Greg Robinson one more win before Syracuse throws whatever money they can put together at Turner Gill.

* About that "Rutgers could be a major sleeper" comment I had in the preseason?  My bad.  Greg Schiano's reputation is falling quickly...

* Pitt beat Iowa, 21-20.  If the over/under for that had been 18, I'd have probably taken the under, so it's a good thing I don't bet on a regular basis.

Big Ten

* Minnesota's 4-0!  They may not finish better than 5-7, but that's still a nice collection of cupcake wins they've put together...

* If I'm a Michigan State fan, I'm a) excited about the success of Javon Ringer, and b) starting to get a little worried about the fact that he's combined for over 80 carries in the last two games.

Conference USA

* Tulsa is now C-USA's BCS hope after East Carolina's loss to NC State.  That's fine, though--I figured Tulsa would beat ECU anyway.  Tulsa's toughest remaining road game is against Arkansas, and...well, that's not that tough.


* We've got another BCS threat lurking: Ball State just beat Indiana and stand at 4-0.  The only big road game left on the slate is against Central Michigan.

Mountain West

* I'm starting to believe in BYU.  Think they really could be a Top 10 team.  It's not that they're beating teams like UCLA and's that they're shutting them out and putting up major points.  Then again, they almost lost to Washington.

* Of course, BYU will have to get past Utah first.  Between BYU, Utah, Tulsa, Boise State and Ball State, it'll be interesting to see how the race to the Top 12 of the BCS plays out.

Pac 10

* God, UCLA sucks.

* Oregon really should never sign another highly-touted QB again--what QB would want to go there?  You're guaranteed to get hurt...they just can't keep a dude healthy back there.

Sun Belt

* Um...not much here.  Arkansas State looks like the team to beat.  Troy looked decent against Ohio State, but for now it's all about the I-N-D-I-A-N-S Red Wolves...


* God, Arkansas sucks.

* Nice win for LSU.  I don't know if they're good enough to run the table or anything, but they're certainly in the driver's seat until we know more about Alabama.

* Vandy's 4-0!!!!

* It's gonna be a long year for Tennessee.


* Remember Boise State?  They're baaaaaaaaaaack...

* I think Mike Price's time at UTEP might be coming to a close.

* I can say confidently that Idaho's the worst team in 1A the FBS.