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Mizzou Links, 9-25-08

An abbreviated Links post this morning, as I have to go to work super-early today...but didn't actually get up any earlier.  I rule.  Anyway, I'm filling the space the best way possible...with Youtube clips!!!  Sorry, Beef...

Dave Matter discusses the road ahead for Gary PInkel's Tigers.  Oh yeah, and they're ready to go back to their streak-busting ways when they head to Lincoln.  Speaking of which...also via Matter...

On the recruiting front, it's a shame that Mizzou appears to have lost out on Knile Davis, but...well, they've traded up.  Bryce Brown, the nation's #6 player (and #1 RB) according to Rivals, is visiting Homecoming weekend.

Dude's good.

Real good.

Chase Coffman: National Tight End of the Week.

Zach Milligan: Team player.

Ziggy Hood: Good.

Finally, thank God.  Mizzou Volleyball got hot early and late and swept Texas Tech in Lubbock, 25-18, 26-24, 25-15.  They're now 1-2 in conference and 6-6 overall.  Not good enough for the tourney just yet, but they had to win that one to stand a chance of getting back on track.  The Fightin' Kreklows doubled Tech up in hitting and blocks...which is a pretty damn good recipe for victory, no?  And while we're talking Volleyball, the Missourian has a nice story on what it took for Wendy Wang to end up in Columbia...