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Mizzou Links, 9-26-08

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I must say...even though they lost in Corvallis two years ago, I didn't see this one coming.  After a week off to digest their win in The First Game of the Century of the Year, USC traveled to play a team that had ruined their national title hopes two years ago...and fell into the exact same trap that killed them in '06 (and '07, for that matter)--the Severe Letdown Game.  I don't even like USC, and it kind of annoys me when they do this...because now, like last year, when they're playing great in November, pundits will once again bitch about the teams at the top of the standings not being as good as USC.  But hey...if it's us at the top of the standings, I won't really care.

Recruiting articles!  And as always, these are all from whom you really have no excuse not to subscribe...

Dave Matter's got a "What to Watch For" primer for Mizzou's bye week...

Washington wants Gary Pinkel.  Good luck with that.  They had their chance almost a decade ago.  They should be happy to settle for Dave Christensen.

Finally, the Missourian's got a great article on the Hickman-Rock Bridge rivalry and the 1994 game that some apparently call the greatest game in MO high school history (news to me, as the only rivalry I was involved in at that point was the epic Weatherford-Clinton rivalry...

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