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Mizzou Links, 9-29-08

Nebraska Week is finally here.  Feel it?  Here are some Nebraska game links...

Dave Matter has a few more thoughts about Saturday's NU-VT game...

I thought the Huskers were getting back to running the ball. Fifty-five yards on 25 carries? One run for more than 10 yards? Nebraska just doesn’t strike me as a very physical team offensively, and there’s not enough talent and depth at receiver to ignore the run and beat Big 12 defenses with a one-dimensional offense. Under first-year Coach Bo Pelini, the Huskers are more competent than last year’s comedy of errors, but the talent and speed at the skill positions is still lacking. On both sides of the ball.


How weird does this sound? Missouri, ranked No. 3 or 4, is a 10.5-point favorite over unranked Nebraska in Lincoln. Never thought I'd type that sentence.

Neither did these guys. Omaha World Herald’s Lee Barfknecht opines about MU’s sudden supremacy while Tom Shatel shares his thoughts on Nebraska’s unimpressive outing.

We’ll end on this note. Nebraska I-back Marlon Lucky, he of 17 rushing yards on five carries against the Hokies, delivered the quote of the night after NU’s 35-30 loss: “Missouri . . . they need to watch out, because we've got a lot of anger right now.” I'm sure the Tigers are trembling, Marlon.

The Missourian talks about the week that was in college football, and how much it helped Mizzou.

Colin Brown: former basketball star?

Finally, in recruiting news: we've got a new competitor for Jheranie Boyd...OU.  Not good.