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Mizzou Links, 9-8-08

Here are some of the better SEMO wrap-up links from the weekend...

And some Blaine Gabbert links...

And on to Nevada we go...

Dave Matter empties the notebook...

• Gabbert wasn’t the only newcomer to see the field for the first time Saturday night. Freshman safety Kenji Jackson and left tackle Dan Hoch also made their MU debuts against SEMO. Jackson played on the kickoff unit and got significant reps at safety in the second half. Hoch replaced Elvis Fisher in the fourth quarter. Ten freshmen have already seen the field for MU this season, twice as many as Pinkel has played in one season in his previous seven years at MU.

The most impressive freshmen were undoubtedly receiver Jerrell Jackson, who caught a team-best six passes for 70 yards, and linebacker Will Ebner, who had 5 ½ tackles, including two behind the line of scrimmage. A couple nice recruiting finds for Pinkel’s staff.

• Speaking of Ebner, the linebacker corps of the future was on display for most of the second half. Ebner, Andrew Gachkar and Luke Lambert are going to make a lot of tackles over the next three to four years. The Men of Stec might be the most promising position group on the team.

Seriously...the LBs looked sooooo goooooood on Saturday.

The Missourian takes a nice look at the continued Aaron O'Neal tributes, as does the Post-Dispatch.

The Missourian also looks at one of the negatives from the weekend: parking.  Early reviews on Lot X?  Not great.

To basketball recruiting: Michael Snaer did not commit to Mizzou this weekend, but apparently Mizzou set the bar pretty high.  The crowd at Mizzou Arena for the Saturday afternoon scrimmage was quite large, which is good to hear.  The KC Star has a bit more about the scrimmage crowd.

Finally, to volleyball...Mizzou is getting quite battle-tested, quite quickly...after two four-setters and a five-setter last weekend, Mizzou moved to 4-2 by taking St. John's in five on Saturday in a match that included 59 ties.  Strange.  Next up is another trip out west...they begin play in the Nevada AT&T Invitational on Friday.