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January 1 Bowls - Open Thread

Should have opened this up about six hours ago, but...thoughts on today's games?

My initial thoughts...

Nebraska just beat Clemson because of two major reasons:

1) NU's D-line was better than CU's O-line.

2) For a reasonably highly-touted, veteran starter, Cullen Harper is just not a very good QB.  I realize good QBs play like crap sometimes in bowls (hello, Chase Daniel), but...his decision-making today was just wretched.  He looked a little too much like South Carolina's Stephen Garcia...which is bad considering Garcia is a RSFr and Harper is a senior (who threw his outgoing coach under the bus, no less).

But hey...the incoming "NEBRASKA IS BACK!!!!!1!!!!!!!!11!!!" cloud will allow Missouri to a) sit back and prepare for the 2009 season in silence, and b) play the "nobody respects us" card again.  So...we've got that going for us...which is nice.

Oh, and one more thought: How in the hell did South Carolina get to play in a New Year's Day bowl????