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Introducing the RMN Wall of Excellence

UPDATE: Bumped back to the top of the page again to give it some time at the top when people might actually see it


Rock M Nation is proud to announce the establishment of the RMN Wall of Excellence, a place where, each season, RMN readers can honor past and present Missouri football legends.

The concept for the Wall of Excellence has been debated, argued, and generally batted around behind-the-scenes at RMN for the last month or so, following the general backlash from Missouri fans against the requirements for placement on the Faurot Field wall. After seemingly endless deliberation, the final parameters and the voting process have been set.

The Wall of Excellence will welcome six Missouri legends in each induction class. Nominees and inductees will be organized according to historical tiers, established based on the nominee's final year with the program. The distribution of inductions from each tier is as follows:

- Three players from the last five years (2004-2008)

- One player from the preceding decade (1994-2003)

- One player from the 20 years before (1974-1993)

- One player from any previous era (1973 or earlier)

Final nominees will be selected by RMN editors, but preliminary nominations are open to all RMN members. Once finalists have been established, voting will be opened to RMN members by means of the following process:
- First place vote = 5 points

- Second place vote = 3 points

- Third place vote = 1 point
The three leading point getters in the "recent" tier and the point leaders in the other three tiers will each be honored individually during induction week. So, without further ado, we open this thread for preliminary nominations for the inaugural induction class into the Rock M Nation Wall of Excellence.