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Mizzou Links, 1-13-09

Well, the biggest news of the day, of course, is that Leo Lyons will officially miss the Colorado game tomorrow night.  It is his third suspension in three years. 

Granted, if Mizzou loses to Colorado without Lyons, they've got bigger problems than just Lyons, but this is still all sorts of disappointing.  Leo was hustling and saying all the right things as the season began, but he seems to have regained all the old bad habits that folks worried about in the past--stretches of uninspiring play, dour demeanor, etc.  Granted, this likely grants my "I want to see what Laurence Bowers does in actual, meaningful minutes" wish, but I'd rather that wish have come about in a more positive manner.

What's up with Big 12 teams whose most talented players aren't as flaky?  Steve Walentik checks in with his Big 12 basketball notes for the week...

You know, screw basketball talk--we need some humor.  TB, take it away...

Lawrence, Kan. (AP) -- Kansas University announced today that it will be offering a new major and, to go along with it, new course offerings starting immediately.

The major, which offers a Bachelor of Arts in "Being an Annoying Fan" is reproduced below.


Second Year
Fall Semester
Revisionist History III: Proving that the years 1993-2003 never really happened for K-State football
Arrogance 300
Traditions Explained III: Why a "jayhawk" is actually a cute, cuddly bird with buckled shoes, rather than a Civil War era terrorist with a flask of cheap bourbon and a three-day beard
U.S. Geography III: Why we're THE University of Kansas, but most of our students couldn't name a town in Kansas west of Lawrence or south of Olathe
Spring Semester
Creative Insults for Sporting Events II: Changing "Manhattan" to "Craphattan" and "Mizzou" to "Methzou" (despite one of the largest meth busts ever happening in...Topeka)
Revisionist History IV: Proving that Norm Stewart really wasn't a very good basketball coach
Arrogance 400
(Il)Logical Argument 100: Why shirts that say "You can't spell 'sucks' without 'K-S-U'" make sense at KU, despite the fact that you can't spell "sucks" without "KU," either

Ahh, that hit the spot.

Ashton Glaser: ready to move to Columbia, and ready to fight for the QB job.

Finally, what happens when your #19 Mizzou Gymnastics program comes out and crushes Iowa State in its opening weekend?  They become your #10 Mizzou Gymnastics program.