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Mizzou Links, 1-16-09

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Pretty sure The Boy is sleeping in this morning (and why not, considering how damn cold it is outside), so I'll give the links a shot... starts us off with an Iowa State release and preview.  Game time is 12:30 p.m.  The Beef will be in the house.  And (if you are into this sort of thing), there is a Cardinal Caravan before the game.  But more importantly, the "guess" at the starting lineup has Ramsey and English both still in it

  • Steve Waletnik and the Trib talks about The Boy's Mancrush (Laurence Bowers) seizing the moment in his last game
  • The Missourian looks at 6'10 Craig Brackens and his need for help from the ISU lineup
  • The KC Star provides its version of an ISU preview and Mike DeArmond predicts MU will prevail in a close one, and has Bowers getting the starting nod over Ramsy.
  • Neither the Des Moines Register or Ames Tribune felt compelled enough to preview the Mizzou game, but there are some articles about how they were able to beat Nebraska in their last contest.

  Alright...on to football and recruiting and I know the The Boy has said it time and time again, but it bears repeating.  If you have EVER considered joining Powermizzou, NOW is the time.  THE CHAMBER is chock full of information about NUMEROUS potential commitments coming down the pipe this weekend.

  While basketball struggled a bit last weekend, other Mizzou sports did not.  Let's call this the "Big XII Of The Week" Section

 Let's take a look at other action this weekend for the Tigers

  • Women's Gymnastics travels to Arizona State (lucky)
  • Wrestling takes on Missour Valley and UT-Chattanooga (featuring schedule changes)
  • Men's and Women's Indoor Track (no link, just info) head to Lawrence for their first Dual Meet since the 70's (actually this will be the first ever between the women's programs)

 Never too early to think about Mizzou Baseball.  Rivals says the Tigers make their Top 25 to start the season

Stay warm out there Tiger fans!