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Mizzou Links, 1-2-08

Yeah, my system is ALL SORTS of screwed up right now...felt like yesterday was Saturday (to the point where I thought I had missed the Mizzou-Georgia basketball game for a split second mid-afternoon), today feels like Monday...bleh...

Live it up--this is your last Dave Matter "emptying the notebook" piece of the year.

Enough with bashing the quarterback’s family. It’s not like the Daniels are holding up signs begging ESPN to flash their way after every play, but when it comes to televising bowl games, these networks feel the need to create a narrative to go along with their broadcast. It’s no different during the Final Four. Part of the charm of college athletics, I believe, is that these are kids who usually have parents in the stands living and dying with every play. The story behind the Alamo Bowl, whether MU fans were tired of it or not, was the drama behind Daniel’s final moments as a Tiger. The Daniel clan, particularly sister Lynsey, provided great theater. Their reactions were priceless. If I’m producing the broadcast, I’m panning to their section after every play during those tense moments. And, by the way, the Daniels are terrific people, too. They’ll be missed around the program.

Meanwhile...let the "What the hell's going to happen in 2009??" questions begin...

New Year's Mailbag!!!!

JHuntski asks: Derrion Thomas. How good? Offer? Visit?

Good question. He's played one year of varsity football. That was one very impressive year, but how does that translate to college? I don't know. As far as an offer, it depends on numbers. We're going on the assumption Missouri has between six and eight spots left. There are a lot of kids who have offers who either have visited or are going to. If six or eight of them jump on board and fill the class, there's no room and you are asking a kid like Thomas to take a spot as a preferred walk-on. If maybe a guy or two goes elsewhere and another spot opens up, Thomas is a kid that might be in line for a ride.

So...Gabe at PowerMizzou has a pretty good point--where did all the fun go?  The last couple of months weren't tremendously fun following Mizzou football.  Granted, part of that is because of the losses (duh), but even the wins felt more businesslike instead of enjoyable.  Beating Colorado 58-0 should always be nothing but fun.  Same with beating K-State 41-10 (or 41-24...whatever).

Up for tomorrow's (not yesterday's) Mizzou-Georgia game?  So is JT Tiller.  Check out the official release for more tidbits...

And if that's not enough basketball talk for you, check out Steve Walentik's Big 12 power poll...there have been a couple shifts, including Baylor over Texas... case you missed it...Josh Freeman = gone.