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RMN Wall of Excellence: Now open for voting!


With the nomination period now officially concluded, it's time to take the next step in crowning the members of the inaugural induction class to the Rock M Nation Wall of Excellence.

Voting is now open to all Rock M Nation readers by means of replying in the comments section of this thread. Members are asked to rank their Top 3 in each tier, with a first place vote garnering five points, a second place vote earning three points, and a third place vote earning one point. In Tier V, a single vote will suffice.

Three members from Tier I, and one member from each remaining tier (including the newly added "Administrator/Coaches Tier") will be honored during induction week, to be held the first week of February. Voting ends Friday, Jan. 30.

Happy voting, and spread the word!

Tier I (2004-2008)

Brad Smith

Brian Smith

Chase Daniel

Chase Coffman

Jeremy Maclin

Martin Rucker

Tony Temple

William Moore

(Ballots for Tiers II-V after the jump)

Tier II (1994-2003)

Brock Olivo

Corby Jones

- Demontie Cross

Devin West

Justin Gage

Justin Smith

- Zack Abron

Tier III (1974-1993)

Eric Wright

James Wilder

Jeff Handy

John Clay

Kellen Winslow

Phil Bradley

Tier IV (1973 and older)

- Bob Steuber

Bus Entsminger

Danny LaRose

- Darold Jenkins

Harry Ice

Johnny Roland

Mel Gray

Roger Wehrli

Paul Christman

Tier V (Administrators/Coaches)

Dan Devine

Don Faurot

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