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Mizzou Links, 1-23-09

Less than two weeks to go until Signing Day...are you informed and up to date on all the rumors?  No?  Visit...THE CHAMBER!!

Need more info than that?  Then check out these extra PowerMizzou links: giant 6'8 Ohio OL Chris Freeman is visiting Mizzou this weekend, Tavon Bolden could end up at OLB for Mizzou...oh, and check out new commit Matt White's film.  Outstanding stuff.

But that's enough about future Tigers.  What about...former Tigers?  Dave Matter's got scenes from Chase Daniel's blitz of Bristol.  After that, check out Matter's ridiculously informative and lengthy Q&A.

Q: Dave, other than the obvious that getting Sheldon Richardson and Ronnie Wingo would make our football team better for years to come, how important is it that we sign them to make a statement that Missouri football is something that we as a state are proud of and we are doing what it takes to be a contender every year and not just every once in awhile? — Mark

A: Mark, interesting question, and I’m going to attack it with some stream-of-consciousness rambling on recruiting.


I don’t buy into the idea that teams makes statements by whom they sign. Occasionally, a Damien Nash will come around when your program is desperate for some regional credibility. That was a coup for Missouri seven years ago. But the Tigers are past gaining credibility. Now, it’s about consistently closing. ABC, just like Blake says, Always Be Closing. (If you don’t know the reference, Google it.) For the most part, Missouri’s in the mix for all the best in-state players these days. Now, it’s closing time. ("Get them to sign on the line which is dotted!") Reaching the ninth inning with a lead is commendable, but you have to close. Getting in the door isn’t a moral victory any longer. But finishing a close second isn’t always the end of the world either — especially when you’re quietly combing Texas for the next Sean Weatherspoon, Stryker Sulak, Kenji Jackson and Danario Alexander.

But beyond closing the deal, here’s how Missouri coaches can make a statement when it comes to players: Bust their tails discovering kids, build (early) relationships with recruits and their families and develop the ones you land into productive players and people. Ultimately, that’s how you make statements.

Lots of great stuff there.

Alright, to basketball.  For a quick MU-Tech preview, go to the KC Star.  For a lengthy one, go to

Meanwhile, the Post-Dispatch has taken notice of Mizzou Basketball and come up with a couple of links.  First, a nice profile of Keith Ramsey and his burst up the depth chart.  Second, a Jeff Gordon column on the fact that both Mizzou Football and Mizzou Basketball like to play really, really fast.

Finally...Jeff Wolfert: diver turned place-kicker turned...diver?