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Mizzou Links, 1-27-09

Here are some quick, scattered Mizzou Basketball links for you:

Okay, I know it's been a while since Mizzou Basketball has been worth paying attention to, but that doesn't mean fact-checkers should continue to ignore them.  From the latest Post-Dispatch vehicle:

"I don't know how good they are right now," coach Mike Anderson said Monday. "But I think in time, they could be one of the better teams that you're going to see in our league."

That would be quite an accomplishment, considering:

— In the 10 seasons since the Big 12 Conference was formed, Mizzou never has finished higher than a tie for fifth in the standings.

The Big 12 was formed well over 10 seasons ago now.  I assume this meant "Mizzou hasn't finished higher than a tie for fifth in 10 seasons, period" (Mizzou finished 2nd in Norm's last season in '98-99), but that's a really silly error.

You know how I mentioned Jarrid Famous as a possibility in b-ball recruiting yesterday?  Forget about that...looks like he's planning on staying in Big East Country...

Wrapped up in Rivals star rankings as we approach Signing Day in football?  Dave Matter reminds you that while stars are a big deal...they're really not a big deal.  Of Rivals' 22 postseason All-American performers for the 2008 season, five were 5-star recruits, six were 4-star recruits, eight were 3-star recruits, two were 2-star recruits, and one was a walk-on.  Of the five Mizzou players who have been on All-American lists over the past couple of seasons, one (Maclin) was 4-star while three (Daniel, Coffman, Moore) were 3-star and one ('Spoon) was 2-star.

And I just enjoy pointing out that Mizzou has had five different players on All-American lists (preseason, postseason, whatever) over the past two years.

(I don't enjoy pointing out that only one of them will be in a Mizzou uniform in '09.)

Finally, we finish with two Mizzou Wrestling links.  First...time for some new goals, Taylor Crane.  Second, Dom Bradley rules.

Wrestling Videos on Flowrestling