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Mizzou Links, 1-28-09

So with Ronnie Wingo off the board (read Dave Matter's Wingo thoughts here), what's left for this Mizzou recruiting class?  PowerMizzou takes a look at the handful of known non-commits out there...come on down, L'Damian Washington...

To basketball!  Two guys are in the spotlight for tonight's game against K-State: 1) Marcus Denmon, who thought hard about going to K-State and will have 15-20 family members at Bramlage tonight, and 2) Leo Lyons, who is putting on a happy face but would clearly rather be playing more.

Meanwhile, K-State is looking for a new Athletic Director (to the pleasure of those at BOTC), getting a solid contribution from a career bench player, and trying to put together some confidence after their first conference win.

Perspective, thy name is Mizzou Basketball.

The Tigers realize that they still have a lot of work left to do with 11 games to play in the season. Anderson said his team learned the most from its three losses, especially the games against Illinois and at Nebraska.

"We laid an egg at Illinois and we laid an egg at Nebraska,"Carroll said. "We just need to keep proving ourselves to everybody."

One player with a unique perspective on the transformation of the team from last season is starting guard Zaire Taylor. The transfer from Delaware had to watch from the bench last season, per NCAA rules, and he's glad to see the team's not taking anything for granted.

"I think everybody's doing a pretty good job," Taylor said. "We really haven’t achieved anything yet. We have potential, but potential doesn’t really mean too much, it’s what you do with it."

Finally, good luck to Chase Patton and Colin Brown, who are both fighting for NFL attention in the Texas v. The Nation game.  Somehow, they're both on the Texas team...figure THAT one out...