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Mizzou Links, 1-29-09

Another Awful Trip to Bramlage LInks!

  • Missouri Falls to Kansas State, 88-72
  • Cats Tame Tigers
  • PowerMizzou: One of those nights (my thoughts exactly)
    The Tigers fell for just the fourth time in 21 games and found themselves repeating a mantra so often heard outside losing locker rooms.

    "It's just one game," Carroll said.

    Missouri has to hope so. Saturday's showdown against Baylor just got a whole lot bigger.
  • The Trib: Wildcats rout Tigers
  • The Missourian: Young Tiger guards struggling away from home
  • KC Star: Kansas State socks it to Missouri
  • KC Star: For Missouri, it was a case of role reversal
  • Upon Further Review: Cats claw back to respectability
  • Post-Dispatch: MU's winning streak ends
  • Topeka Capital-Journal: Pullen, Samuels help K-State dominate Mizzou
  • Topeka Capital-Journal: Wildcats' defense keeps Tigers at bay

My own thoughts will come in detail during my stat wrap-up here in a bit, but yeah...when a poor long-range shooting team shoots that well against a team with (to date) great 3-point % allowed, I'm very quick to put it into "one of those nights" territory...especially at Bramlage, where "one of those nights" historically means a 30- (or 55-) point loss for Mizzou.  The only problem is, since we've already had "one of those nights" in Lincoln, we'll have to curtail any future "those nights". 

We're still on track overall--before Big 12 play started, I said that we needed to go 5-1 vs NU/ISU/CU, 1-1 vs KSU, 1-1 vs KU, and 3-3 vs The South to get to 10-6.  Thus far, we're 2-1 vs NU/ISU/CU, 0-1 vs KSU, and 2-0 vs The South.  We haven't "lost one" that we have to "steal" somewhere else (in fact, we've "stolen" one against a South team), but we're toeing the line a bit now.

And yeah, while losing to Baylor wouldn't knock us off-track above either...from a "how the season is unfolding" perspective, it's pretty damn huge.

To football recruiting, where...yeah, good news, bad news.  Good news: Andrew Wilson loves him some Mizzou.  Bad news: Sheldon Richardson is still flirting with Miami.  I still think there's a chance SR's parents talk him out of Miami, but...oy.  The loss of SR to this recruiting class would be so big that I'm just going to close my eyes and pretend that there's a 0% chance of it.

And so I can end on a happier light of Baseball America's "Mizzou as a #1 seed at regionals" prediction, trripleplay makes some predictions of his own.