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Mizzou Links, 1-6-08

First of all, I can't believe I just read through the entire Fiesta Bowl unintentional open thread from last night...but it was worth it...if for the "Everything's coming up Milhouse" reference if nothing else.  Anyhoo...

On a day when my first "A 2009 Walkthrough" post goes up later today, I'm not alone in my looking ahead--first, Dave Matter takes his first look at the '09 North by looking at skill positions.  And for those with InsideMizzou subscriptions, IM's Erik Johnson steals my thunder by looking at Mizzou's 2009 QBs one day before I do.

Five-dollar tickets...a 2-11's Mizzou's final cupcake game of 2008-09!!

Kim English: making strides.  Keith Ramsey: recipient of a complimentary article with a "block" pun in the headline (and one without).

Finally, we end with two wrestling links...that's right, wrestling links!  First, congrats to Mizzou heavyweight Mark Ellis, Big 12 Wrestler of the Week.  We've got ourselves two hellaciously underclass good heavyweights.

Next, a moment of silence for Ben Askren's wrestling career--it's officially over.  Askren is officially an MMA fighter now.  And to commemorate the occasion...we hit the YouTubes.