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National Duals Preview: Iowa

Yeah...lord knows I am setting myself up here for disappointment in looking at this, but may give some of you a better idea about the one of the top (if not THE top) programs in the nation.  I don't know that this is going to need a lot of extra thought, so this one may be a tad shorter than the previous will understand once you see the matchups.  Let's get right to it!

125: An unranked redshirt freshman Troy Dolan against #4 senior and two-time All-American Charlie Falck.  Advantage: Iowa

133: An (now) unranked sophmore Todd Schavrien against #5 junior Daniel Dennis.  Advantage: Iowa

141: #10 senior Marcus Hoehn, who is having a tremendous season thus far against #1 senior and All-American Alex Tsirtsis (who just defeated Hoehn at Midlands).  Advantage: Iowa

149: Unranked senior Andrew Sherry against #1 junior Hodge Trophey and NCAA Champion Brent Metcalf.  Advantage: Iowa

So far, Iowa is 4 for 4...let's see how Mizzou does in the heavier classes...

157: #7 senior Mike Chandler against an unranked sophomore Matt Ballweg.  Advantage: MIZZOU!

165: #8 junior and All-American Nick Marable vs. #3 junior Ryan Morningstar.  Being that Morningstar JUST beat Marable at Midlands, I have to say...Advantage: Iowa

174: #6 senior and All-American Raymond Jordan (at 184) against #5 junior and All-American (at THIS weight) Jay Borschel.  Being that Borschel JUST beat Jordan at Midlands, I have to say....Advantage: Iowa

184: Unranked RS freshman Dorian Henderson against #3 junior and All-American Phil Keddy.  Advantage: Iowa

197: #5 junior and All-American Max Askren against #20 ranked junior Chad Beaty, who is new (full-time) to this weight class.  Advantage: MIZZOU!

HWY: #2 junior Mark Ellis against #12 junior Dan Erekson (who RS'ed last season after wrestling the previous two at 197).  Advantage: MIZZOU!

So...Mizzou has the advantage in three matches (157, 197, HWY) while there are MAYBE two toss-ups (165, 174).  However, at the lighter weights (and 184), Iowa is just looking dominant compared to our pretty decent lineup.  We would need a lot of things to break right for us to get a win here...