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Mizzou Links, 10-15-09

Well, well, well...SBN's not broken we go.

Mizzou-OSU Links!

  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Behind the Numbers: Tigers-Pokes

    Believe it not, there is a bit of good news with the running game. The issues this year aren't of the short-yardage variety, as in years past. On third downs when the Tigers need 3 or fewer yards for the first down, they've converted 10 of 13 of those opportunities. Overall, the Tigers average 4.3 yards per carry when they're 3 yards or less from the first down stick. Figure in the passing numbers on third-and-short situations, and MU has converted 15 of 19 of these chances. That's pretty good for an offense that's having offensive line and running issues.

    What about the Cowboys? Oklahoma State hasn't shut down a running game this season, but Bill Young's defense has yet to produce a 100-yard rusher. Georgia managed just 3.2 yards per carry against OSU ... but Georgia owns the SEC's worst rushing offense. The Cowboys do tend to stiffen on third down: Opponents are averaging just 1.1 yards per carry on third down and have converted only 5 of 27 of those chances by running the ball.

  • Daily Oklahoman: Can Keith Toston carry heavy load?
  • PowerMizzou: Powered Up: Flipping the Script
  • Stillwater News-Press: Tables turn Saturday, Mizzou looks to upset OSU at Stillwater

Other Mizzou Football Links!

Big 12 Links!


  • Post-Dispatch: Mizzou is forward-looking
    "You're talking about guys who were sitting there that now have an opportunity," Anderson said. "If they want bigger roles, they have the opportunity to audition in front of me and my staff every day starting Friday."

    "I have full confidence in our forwards," said guard J.T. Tiller, who along with guard Zaire Taylor represents the bulk of Mizzou's returning offense. "We left last season on a bittersweet note with the loss (to UConn in the Elite Eight), but at the same time, I look at the glass as being half-full. Keith and Justin (Safford) were two of the many big men that showed they could perform at the top level once we don't have DeMarre, Leo and Matt. I'm excited to see what's going to happen this year."
  • Mizzou Picked Seventh, Again
  • The Trib (Steve Walentik): Tigers picked seventh in Big 12 preseason poll
  • Mizzou Basketball Meets With Media

Other Mizzou Links!