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Mizzou Links, 10-16-09

Mizzou-OSU Links!

  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Writer's Block: Talking Cowboys

    BTS: What kind of impact has coordinator Bill Young made on the defense and the program in general?

    Chatmon: Bill Young has had a great impact on the defense. He preaches forcing turnovers and aggressive play. His main thing was to put his players in positions to use their talent and make plays and it is clear the defense has improved. How much remains to be seen.

    Haisten: In every sense, the Cowboys are better. There are fewer missed tackles and fewer blown coverage assignments. During last week's 36-31 victory at Texas A&M, OSU totaled nine quarterback pressures, four sacks and eight pass break-ups. In 13 games last season, OSU's defense managed only 16 sacks. Missouri, Texas, Texas Tech and Oklahoma had a combined total of 196 pass attempts against the Cowboys. In those games, OSU totaled only three sacks. Through five games this season, the Cowboys have 11 sacks. For the 12-game regular season, they are on pace for 26. Seven of this year's 11 sacks have been recorded by linemen. Last season, OSU got only 9½ sacks from linemen. Entering the Missouri game, the Cowboys are 60th in total defense (improved from last season's 93rd), 37th in rush defense (improved from 52nd) and 89th in pass defense (improved from 109th).

  • KC Star: Mizzou can get season back on track with redemption at OSU
  • Tulsa Beacon: OSU hosts Missouri without Dez Bryant, Kendall Hunter
  • The Missourian: 10 Things to think about while driving to Oklahoma State
    Pistol Pete, the mascot version, is super creepy. The Cowboy mascot is supposed to be a likeness to Frank Eaton, the real-life cowboy known as Pistol Pete. There's just one problem. When it comes to mascots you got to go full-on caricature or not go at all. Okie St. ended up with a regular-sized guy, a super gigantic head and way too realistic facial features. It makes for a terrifying combination. There's a lot of pain behind those enormous eyes.
  • Daily Oklahoman: OSU's Keith Toston does it all for mom
  • Daily Oklahoman: Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert puts up big numbers
  • PowerMizzou: Cowboy Insider: Five questions for Saturday
  • The Trib: Behind the Stripes Webcast: Episode 10, Part 1
  • The Trib: Behind the Stripes Webcast: Episode 10, Part 2

Other Mizzou Football Links!

  • The Trib: MU's Jake Harry gets his kicks
  • The Missourian: Sean Weatherspoon brings personality to Missouri football
  • The Missourian: Missouri safety Jarrell Harrison finds success at new school
  • Post-Dispatch: Missouri's Jaron Baston is 'a totally different guy'
    Guard Kurtis Gregory drove Baston home one night and heard him say, "I'm about ready to hang it up."

    "Now, why are you going to do something like that?" said Gregory, who discouraged the thought.

    The tangible reason was that Baston was rudderless over lack of playing time, which fed further into a cycle of irresponsibility.

    "I was more into myself than I was into my team," Baston said, adding, "Football wasn't first in my life. It was more just the college experience and enjoying the night life and enjoying everything other than football."

    Only by the patience and persistence of MU coaches, often in the form of what Baston called "tough love," did he stay around.
  • PowerMizzou: Andrew Gachkar: From survivor to star
  • PowerMizzou: California JUCO DB picks up first offer from Missouri
  • Inside Missouri Football: Mizzou Special Teams Plays of the Week

Big 12 Links!


  • The Trib: Stepping into the spotlight
  • KC Star: Last season's success puts bull's-eyes on backs on MU basketball team
  • KC Star: Mizzou basketball team is about more than magic

    At this time a year ago, transfers Taylor and Keith Ramsey and freshmen English, Denmon, Miguel Paul, Bowers and Steve Moore had never played a game in a Missouri uniform.

    They were all question marks who became answers.

    Tiller, the old man of the team as a senior, contends it will be the same this season.

    Perhaps there is not nearly the pressure on Dixon, and Tyler Stone and John Underwood. But there are brotherly expectations. Do what you can. We have your back.

    Anderson said that reality served as a wellspring for the success of last season.

    "Those guys believing and trusting in one another," Anderson said. "Believing in the things that we’re doing.

    "They took ownership of this basketball team. I had an opportunity just to coach."

  • PowerMizzou: PMTV: Tiger hoops tips off

Other Mizzou Links!