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Live Thread: Mizzou vs. Oklahoma State

Mizzou Gameday in Stillwater, Oklahoma:


Who: Missouri Tigers (4-1, 0-1 Big 12) vs. No. 16 Oklahoma St. Cowboys (4-1, 1-0)
Where: Boone Pickens Stadium (Capacity 60,218)
When: 8:15 p.m. CDT
Line: Oklahoma State by 7.0





Radio: Tiger Radio Network (Mike "To The House" Kelly, John Kadlec, Chris Gervino)
TV: ESPN2 HD (Ron Franklin, Ed Cunningham)
Weather: Hourly Forecast
Online trackers: CSTVESPN
Game Notes: 
Missouri | Oklahoma State


Make Rock M Nation your base of operations tonight and weigh in with your predictions, questions, worries, bold statements and observations by signing up for a free account. Stillwater has been kind to Missouri during the Pinkel tenure. Can the Tigers return to relevancy with a road upset tonight?

Fight Tigers!


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8:20 - Alright, minutes to kickoff...the wife is playing Sims on her iPhone, the dog has stolen my spot on the sofa, and I'm really going to miss the dulcet tones of Mr. Ron Franklin when he retires.  He's not nearly as accurate as he used to be, and I just don't care.  Early word from Franklin and Cunningham is that Blaine Gabbert is heavily taped and a little limited in terms of mobility, but obviously he's playing.

8:21 - Man, what I wouldn't give for another 2006 MU-Tech type of game, where we hoped to maybe steal a win...and played one of the most exhilaratingly perfect first 20 minutes Missouri has ever played.

First Quarter

8:22 - Opening kickoff is very deep, and Jasper Simmons will down it for a touchback.  Come on, boys.  I'm not optimistic for some reason, but you can change that pretty quickly.

8:23 - Quick seven yards to Danario Alexander, followed by a nice 8-yard run for De'Vion Moore...first down!

8:24 - Deep to Danario...complete!  Ha!  First down at OSU's 31!

8:25 - After a throwaway, Gabbert overshoots Jared Perry, and it's 3rd-and-10.  Well...we flipped the field at least.

8:26 - Reverse jinx unsuccessful.  Gabbert rifles one to Perry...was a little high, but Perry got both hands on it and couldn't reel it in.  Fourth-and-10, and it's a hair too far for Ressel I guess, so we're going for it...not optimistic...

8:27 - Reverse jinx successful!  Danario makes a HELLUVA jumping catch, and it's first down at the 18!  As Cunningham points out, everything coming out of Gabbert's arm is high right now.

8:27 - A dangerous incompletion is followed by a nice 9-yard run by D-Wash, and we've got 3rd-and-1.  I like those a lot better than 3rd-and-10.

8:28 - Washington bulls forward for three yards...first-and-goal!  And the dog gave me my spot back!

8:29 - Moore for two yards to the 4, then Gabbert throws too high for Perry again...poor Perry...third-and-goal...nothing stupid...get some points.  A 12-play, 77-yard drive thus far...

8:30 - A Gabbert keeper doesn't fool OSU enough, and he's pushed out of bounds...fourth down, here comes Ressel.  Cunningham did NOT like that call and lets us know.

8:31 - Ressel's 21-yarder is good!  3-0.  Points on the opening drive...helluva concept...

8:34 - Wow, a NICE hit on Perrish Cox by...uhh, some walk-on on the kickoff.  OSU ball at the 20.

8:35 - Ouch...two passes, 30 yards, OSU at midfield.

8:35 - Okay, the walk-on who made the big hit is named Chris Willett.  There you go.

8:36 - Seven yards for Keith Toston, followed by a well-defended screen, and it's 3rd-and-3 for OSU.  They're going to convert on these more often than not.  It's the 3rd-and-8's where we really need to make the stops.

8:36 - Nice pressure on Zac Robinson, who makes a bad pass, and OSU's still a yard short.  Fourth-and-1...

8:37 - ...and they convert...I think.  Depends on the spot.  Ron Franklin says they got it...I say they didn't...and the winner is (I hope it's Franklin)...

8:37 - ...I was right by about a centimeter.  Boo.  That would have been a HUGE stop.  The announcers don't like the spot, but I think it was about right.

8:38 - SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOON! Quick screen looked like it may have gone for a huge gain, but he caught up and made the tackle after five yards.

8:39 - Quickly, it's 3rd-and-4...ugh.  Hubert Anyiam with the catch on an out, but Trey Hobson whiffed on the tackle and Anyiam got another 10-15 yards.  First down from Mizzou's 11, and OSU calls a timeout.

8:42 - So...I don't even know what to say about today's Big 12 scores.  Almost none of them make any sense whatsoever, and I don't know if it's just one of those days, or if this is the way it's going to be all year...anyway, back to the action...

8:43 - Oof...Toston goes in untouched from 11 yards out.  Perfect blocking.  6-3, PAT pending...and 7-3.  Almost had the stop on fourth down, and OSU coasted in from there.

8:47 - Alright, kickoff coming...another touchback.  Dude's got a leg.  Speaking of legs...let's hope Gabbert's ankle starts loosening up and his passes come back into orbit...else he's going to have to throw to nobody but Danario all night, since he can go up and get them.

8:48 - Correction: Danario or Wes Kemp, who just hauled in a 40-yard bomb!  Mizzou into OSU territory...

8:48 - Oy...Ugo Chinasa waiting for D-Wash in the backfield.  Four-yard loss...and then a false start.  2nd-and-19.  Sweet.

8:50 - Nice! D-Wash with a lovely 15-yard run, spinning off a tackle in the process.  Oh, and it was well-blocked too!  Third-and-4...

8:50 - And Gabbert fires it over Jerrell Jackson's head.  Fourth down from the 35...and we're going for it again?  Really?  We're not pinning them deep with a punt?

8:51 - Gabbert throws it about 15 yards over Danario's head.  OSU ball.  Did not like that call at all.

8:52 - Okay, we're going to make an all-conference performer out of Hubert Anyiam.  Another deep catch, and OSU's already to the Mizzou 41.  Four catches, 60 yards for him in the game's first 10 minutes.  That's a 24-catch, 360-yard pace.  Just sayin'.

8:53 - After a short run and short screen, it's third-and-4 for OSU from the Mizzou 34.  Make that 3rd-and-9 after a false start.  Now this becomes a "gotta make the stop" situation.

8:55 - Nice...well-covered by Mizzou, and Robinson shovel-passes it into the ground.  OSU to punt...please let this go into the endzone...

8:55 - Nope.  Downed at the 3.  Mizzou ball.

8:56 - Nice run by De'Vion Moore...7 yards to the 10.  Moore getting a lot of early work.

8:56 - Stop me if you've heard this one before: pass too high for Perry.  And he comes up hobbling.  Third down.

8:57 - Three-yard pass to Washington, first down!

8:58 - Slant to Danario, who breaks a tackle and gets to the sideline...50 yards later, it's Mizzou back into OSU territory!  We're flipping the field with the long ball.

8:58 - Another nice 6-yard run from De'Vion...a very encouraging sign.

8:59 - Woohoo!  Gabbert still fires a bit high for Perry, but he catches it, and after a spin move gets down to the 8.  First-and-goal...and that will end the first quarter.  Not nearly the slow start we're used to...certainly a positive sign.

Second Quarter

9:04 - Here we go...start of the second quarter...and De'Vion goes for five yards to the 4.  And Ron Franklin points out that Gabbert's 171 first-quarter passing yards is a 684-yard pace.

9:04 - Three tough yards for D-Wash, and it's third-and-goal from the it again.  And if it doesn't work, run it again.

9:05 - Gabbert takes the snap from under center (!!!!) and pitches to D-Wash, who scores easily.  A picture-perfect 9-play, 97-yard drive, baby.  10-7 Mizzou.

9:08 - Can't tell you how much this MissouriMarine comment cracked me up, and for no real reason: "That last commercial by Miracle Whip. Way too edgy. Its effing mayonnaise."

9:08 - Short kick to Cox, who can't find room and goes down at the 25.  Chris Willett on the tackle once again.  Get that man a scholarship!

9:09 - Screen pass to Anyiam, who is tackled by the field turf after a 2-yard gain.  Glad to have the fake grass on our side.

9:10 - Agent Aldon Smith introduces himself with a lovely tipped pass, forcing 3rd-and-8.  DO NOT LET THEM CONVERT.

9:10 - They don't convert!  Underneath pass to a spinning Anyiam, but he is stopped for 6 yards.  OSU to punt!  Punt is a low-line drive, almost blocked and rolling out around Mizzou's 25.  Great job, go score again.

9:15 - First play of the new drive, and Gabbert goes deep for Alexander...and it's broken up, but there's a flag down.  Pass interference on OSU for face guarding...he didn't make a ton of contact, but he wasn't even remotely looking for the ball, so I guess that's a good call.  First down Mizzou at the 40!

9:16 - No room for Kendial Lawrence on first down, and after a short pass to D-Wash, it's third-and-5 at the 45...

9:17 - ...and the pass is too high for Jared Perry.  Again.  Mizzou to punt.  He has almost 200 yards passing in 20 minutes, and he's missed on about 6-7 open passes...

9:18 - Huh.  Jake Harry with the rugby kick, and it doesn't roll for 20 yards...bounces backwards, and OSU will start around their 25.

9:19 - Damn.  Aldon Smith almost kills Zac Robinson, then a DT does the same, but Robinson escapes and finds Toston for a nice gain...OSU to midfield.

9:20 - Five-yard run, then a 4-yard pass, and it's 3rd-and-1...

9:21 - SPOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!  Toston caught in the backfield for a loss, and it's fourth, and OSU's punting.  Figured they'd go for it.  A couple of nice short-yardage stops for Mizzou.  Fair catch by Gettis...Mizzou ball at the 12 with 8:30 left.

9:24 - Oof.  Gabbert throws a bit off-but-catchable to Jerrell Jackson, and it goes through his hands to Lucien Antoine, who takes it to the house.  A damn shame, and that's all on Jackson.  14-10 OSU.

9:26 - Decent return by Jasper Simmons, and Mizzou will start at the 26...and I can't believe I quantify that as a "decent return" now.  The standards have been lowered in Jeremy Maclin's absence.  Alright, Gabbert...time to respond...

9:27 - Quick pass to Danario, followed by a short reverse to Perry...first down Mizzou.  Poor spot and they're measuring...first down.  I'm still annoyed by that pick six, but Mizzou is responding well so far.

9:28 - Five-yard catch and 10-yard run for D-Wash...first down near midfield!  OSU guy injured, timeout on the field...

9:32 - Wow...WOW.  Danario Alexander is the freaking man.  Slant to Danario, he breaks a tackle, gets to the sideline, gets massively face-masked, and scores anyway.  Hell yes.  17-14 Mizzou.  Danario now has six catches for 161 yards.  With 6 minutes left in the first half.  Nice response by the Mizzou offense!

9:35 - Man am I petrified of Perrish Cox...we covered the first two kickoffs perfectly, but Cox got a small seam and took the kickoff back to midfield.  Short field for OSU.  Mizzou has doubled OSU in yardage, 303-151, but is only up three, by the way.

9:36 - Ooooooh...short pass to Toston, who almost fumbled it but somehow held on.  A 7-yard gain.

9:37 - Nice stop by Zaviar Gooden and Brian Coulter!  Option gets eaten up, and now it's 3rd-and-8.  DO NOT LET THEM CONVERT.

9:37 - They convert.  Anyiam one-on-one with Hobson, and he beats him (with a nice push-off).  First down at Mizzou's 27.

9:38 - After another behind-the-line stop by SPOOOOON, it's third-and-5.  Carl Gettis breaks up a pass to Anyiam, and it's fourth down.  I like Gettis on him MUCH better than Hobson.  Okay, on replay, it was just a bad pass.  Still.

9:39 - Field goal from Dan Bailey is good, and it's 17-17.  Could have been worse after the nice kickoff return, I guess, but we're killing them on yardage and it's tied...we're playing with fire there.

9:41 - Nice return by Jasper Simmons, but there's a flag, and that's almost certainly on us...yup, on us.  Mizzou will start from the 14.

9:42 - Quick slant to Perry for 20 yards!  Love him on those short passes, especially when they're not over his head.  Antoine saved a touchdown.

9:42 - After a throwaway, Gabbert lets the snap go through his hands and has to fall on it.  Third-and-21...just don't do anything stupid.

9:43 - Gabbert avoids pressure and goes deep to Kemp...who drops the pass.  UGH.  He didn't alligator-arm it (I assumed he did until seeing the replay)...he just missed it.  Wow, that hurts.  Mizzou to punt with 2:01 left.

9:44 - Eh?  Another bad punt from Jake Harry?  Huh.  OSU to start near midfield once again.

9:45 - Shovel pass to Toston for 16, OSU to the Mizzou 40.  Sigh.  I don't like where this is going.

9:46 - Robinson breaks contain and gets about a 20-yard run, but it's coming at least partially back due to an illegal block.  Still, though, another first down for OSU at the 29...or something.

9:48 - Okay, NOW it's a first down after a short pass to Toston.  Whatever.  Timeout OSU after another short pass.

9:49 - A nine-yard run for Toston, but he's inbounds, so OSU quickly lines up and Robinson sneaks for the first down.  It really didn't look like he got it, but they gave it to him without measuring.  Weird.  Robinson spikes the ball.  :13 left.

9:50 - Weird play-call.  A handoff to Toston is stuffed, and OSU has to use their last timeout to set up the field goal with :07 left.  Or...they'll run another play and hope it's not stopped inbounds.  Please stop it inbounds.  I don't want to go into halftime down a touchdown.

9:51 - We'll go into halftime down a touchdown.  Predictable slant to Anyiam, and it's caught.  We've outplayed OSU, and we're down...

...actually, they're going to review this.  Anyiam bobbled it a bit, but I thought he caught it.  Replay shows he didn't bobble it at all, and he wasn't down before he crossed the plain...that's a touchdown. confirms.  24-17 OSU.  Sigh.  Drops by Jackson on the pick six and Kemp on the bomb have completely defined this game.

10:05 - So by my calculations, without the two killer drops, Gabbert's first-half line would have been about 14-for-24 for 329 yards.  Not that there's much wrong with 12-for-24 for 259,

Other stats: Washington and Moore have combined for 61 yards on 12 carries.  Gabbert's throwing pretty well considering, but it wouldn't hurt to get them more touches, even if OSU opens up the second half with a score.

Third Quarter

10:15 - Alright, we're back...would LOVE for Mizzou to get a stop here at the start, though it won't be the end of the world if they don't...and OSU will start with another short field after a kickoff return to their 40.

10:16 - A short run by Toston and a false start back OSU up for 2nd-and-14, and another short gain makes it third-and-long...correction: a hold will back OSU up more.  2nd-and-24.

10:18 - Robinson gets about 8 of it back on a run and gets THUMPED by Aldon Smith...third-and-15 now.  DO NOT LET THEM CONVERT.

10:19 - A 13-yard pass to Anyiam makes it 4th-and-2...uhh...okay.  Thought for a second that OSU was going for it from their own 48, but they're not.  Punt coming...

10:20 - ...and Sharp drops it in at the 13.  Gettis DOESN'T call fair catch for some reason and is gobbled up immediately.  Alright, nice stop by the defense...time for receivers not named Danario to redeem themselves.

10:21 - Ooh...Gabbert REALLY wanted to go deep there, but I guess it was covered.  Second down coming after a throwaway.

10:22 - Oopty-oop formation!  Fake screen, and then Gabbert throws behind Perry, who's had quite the unlucky night.  Third-and-10 coming.  DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID.

10:23 - Deep ball to Danario, but it's underthrown and picked off by Perrish Cox.  Not a HUGE turnover there, as it was basically a medium-range punt, but still a listless start for the offense.  Gabbert's ankle must have gotten cold at halftime.  And they didn't even pretend to want to run the ball on that possession.

10:24 - Short run by Beau Johnson (Mizzou's covering the option well) is followed by a pass too high for Anyiam, and it's quickly third-and-9.  DO NOT LET THEM CONVERT (and I don't care if I sound like a broken record).

10:25 - Whew.  No pass rush whatsoever, and Robinson finds Anyiam deep...but Jasper Simmons breaks up the pass at the last moment.  OSU to punt.  Robert Steeples got burned on the double-move again, just like he did against NU last week.

10:26 - DAMN.  Quinn Sharp drops the punt snap but barely gets the punt off, and Mizzou will start inside their 15 again.  OSU has won the field position battle all night.

10:30 - No gain for D-Wash, followed by a short swing pass, and it's quickly 3rd-and-8 for Mizzou...ugh...

10:31 - ...Gabbert goes long for Alexander again, but the coverage is just good enough to obstruct Alexander, who almost came down with it anyway.  Either way, Mizzou to punt.

10:32 - DAMMIT...another poor bounce on the punt.  That's three for Harry...maybe this is law of averages catching up to him.  Anyway, as Ron Franklin just said, Mizzou's seriously playing with fire here...just getting murdered on field position...this usually doesn't end well...

10:36 - After a fumbled snap is fallen on by Zac Robinson, Mizzou is not at all fooled by a flea flicker...Robinson has to throw a desperation pass, but somehow Tracy Moore catches it.  Awesome defense...and a 20-yard gain.  This is not good.

10:37 - Two Toston runs generate 16 yards, and OSU is to Mizzou's 15.  Feeling of dread starting to build.

10:38 - Two more Toston runs generate only six, and it's third-and-4.  Would LOVE to hold them to a field goal here and get a chance to reset the field position game...

10:39 - Nice...Aldon Smith bats down another pass to force fourth down.

10:39 - It's good, and Mizzou's down 27-17.  If the offense gets rolling again, that's not a bad deficit...if they're going to continue to wilt, then it doesn't matter how much OSU's up, I guess.

10:43 - Sigh.  Jasper Simmons returns a kickoff about 90 yards, and it's coming back because of an illegal block.  That's another killer penalty.

10:43 - Okay, if they called what I think they called watching the replay, that's a complete horseshit call.  Man oh man.  Mizzou will start at the 14 after a crap call.  Awesome.

10:46 - Bubble screen to Danario gets a first down, but they're still only to the 25.  I'm REALLY pissed about that call.  Somebody show me a legitimate hold on that return so I can stop being pissed.

10:46 - After a nothing run by Moore, Gabbert throws to an open Kemp, but his knee is touching the ground, and it's a two-yard gain.  Awesome.  Third-and-7...this game is getting pretty annoying, pretty quickly.

10:47 - Ball tipped and incomplete.  Mizzou will punt.  Am getting MORE pissed about the call.

10:48 - Another iffy punt.  OSU will start at their 42.  Two drops and a phantom hold making the difference in this game.

10:49 - Man, give credit to the Mizzou defense...they will have to give in eventually, but after a 9-yard run by Robinson, they stuff Toston on 2nd-and-1 and Robinson barely gets it on 3rd-and-1.  They're still fighting, but the offense (and phantom flags) needs to get going for Mizzou very quickly...if it's not too late already.  With under a minute left in the third quarter and OSU in Mizzou territory, it might be too late.

10:51 - The quarter will end with another OSU first down...Anyiam has earned his scholarship tonight...

Fourth Quarter

10:55 - I like that Cunningham is still calling that hold a bad makes me simultaneously more and less angry.

10:56 - First two plays of the fourth quarter go in Mizzou's favor--short run and a throwaway.  Third-and-9 for OSU, and this is an absolutely vital stand for Mizzou right here...

10:56 - ...nice coverage by Steeples on a deep ball to Anyiam.  Fourth down, and OSU will kick a field goal.  I'll take that...

10:57 - Damn...Bailey misses the FG, but there was a delay of game on OSU.  So now they'll back up and try again...if he makes this one, I'm gonna be pissed.

10:58 - He makes it.  This game really pisses me off.  30-17.

10:59 - Alright, hopefully the Mizzou offense is feeling more resilient than I am.  Too much bad luck (and drops) have beaten it out of me...

11:00 - ...and Simmons fumbles the goddamn kickoff.  Ballgame.

11:01 - Okay, on replay, I think he was down before fumbling.  They'll review it...yeah, he was down...this better get overturned...

11:03 - Still reviewing...good lord...he was down already...

11:04 - Review says it was a fumble.  Wow.  WOW.  Why the hell even spend the money on a replay official.  Two HORRIFIC calls have now gone against Missouri, one confirmed by replay.  He was freaking down.  Wow.  It's been a while since we've been this screwed by officiating...but my god.  Complete crap.  As bad or worse than Florida-Arkansas earlier today.

11:07 - (Timeout OSU, by the way.)

11:08 - Steeples breaks up another pass to Anyiam to set up 4th-and-9...not sure why Steeples is getting this much playing time, but he's done well in the second half.

11:09 - Bailey with another field goal, and OSU is handed a charity 3 points by the refs.  33-17.

11:12 - Simmons returns the kickoff to the 30.  Just can't complete sentences without getting pissed at those two calls again.  Bad calls linger with me a lot longer than my team simply making mistakes.

11:13 - Pass complete to Jackson for a nice game past midfield...he almost dropped that one too but held on and made a nice gain out of it.  11:30 left...

11:14 - Nice coverage on a screen pass for no gain, then Washington gets 9 on a dump-off...third-and-1...oh wait...there's a flag on the other side of the field...I bet it's on us.  Wow, it's on them.  Offsides declined.  Third-and-1.

11:15 - Pitch to Washington gets nothing...will be fourth-and-2 from the OSU 41...obviously Mizzou's going for it...

11:15 - Nice pass to Alexander, who breaks a tackle and almost goes a long way.  First down at OSU's 30.

11:16 - Gabbert is sacked and looks hurt...yeah...this night's getting worse quickly.  Donald Booker took him down by the ankles...which is bad when you have a sprained ankle.  He stays in, though.

11:17 - Moore picks up about 15 yards on 2nd-and-16...the OSU crowd is booing for, uhh, some reason.  No idea.  Third-and-1...

11:17 - Empty backfield (?), and Danario has his first drop of the night.  Fourth-and-1 now...maybe we can do something with a RB in the backfield this time?

11:18 - Empty backfield to spite me...and a pass to Danario is broken up.  Sigh.  We've completely ditched the running game. Yost overthinking himself, I think.  Just over seven minutes's just about over.

11:22 - Two runs generate a first down...will be 6:15 left when the next play is run...

11:23 - A dropped screen pass and a false start give OSU a 2nd-and-15 with 6:10 left...

11:24 - Jaron Baston and Aldon Smith completely destroy another screen, and Mizzou uses a timeout with 5:58 left.  Third-and-super-long...if Mizzou has any chance of getting back into the game, obviously here's their chance.

11:26 - Nobody home for Robinson, and OSU will punt with 5:53 left.  They did Mizzou a favor there by not just running three more times and killing 90 seconds.

11:27 - Wow...OUTSTANDING execution by Mizzou...Gettis fields the punt and hits Simmons on a reverse as he's getting tackled.  Simmons bolts untouched down the sidelines to OSU's 17.  It probably won't affect the game's outcome, but that's about as pretty a punt return as you'll ever see.

11:28 - Seven yards to Washington...

11:28 - Ball thrown behind Jackson and dropped...another drop for Jackson obviously, but I'm not blaming him for that one.  Third-and-3...

11:29 - Throwaway by Jones was WIDE OPEN at the 3 and Gabbert didn't even look at him...

11:30 - Fourth-and-3...Washington's actually in the backfield!  Predictably, OSU sniffs out the run and stuffs it.  Ballgame.  4:44 left, but...ballgame.

11:35 - Man oh man...two plays generate a loss of three yards, and OSU has 3rd-and-13 from their 7.  The Mizzou has played so freaking well tonight, just as they did against Nebraska, and Mizzou's going to lose both games.  And SPOON just obliterates Toston on third down.  OSU to punt.

11:37 - And naturally a short OSU punt gets a really nice roll. this point, just try to get all the bad luck out and save the good luck for next Saturday night.

11:38 - Gabbert goes Andrew McGee of OSU.  Four turnovers for Mizzou tonight, relatively harmless INTs on deep balls, one killer drop-to-pick-six, and one egregious fumble call.

11:39 - Toston fumbles on first down, but he's called down.  Replay shows the ball was moving before he hit the ground.  They're reviewing it, and I'm sure they'll say he was down.

Yep, it was absolutely a fumble.  They're showing the replay official in the booth, looking at a 10-inch screen.  My god, this is a ridiculous system.

11:41 - Jesus F***ing Christ.  The ruling on the field stands.  Just ditch the goddamn replay system.  This is unf***ingbelievable.  I realize this game's out of reach, but you've now handed them the ball at our 20 on one horrible review and taken the ball away from us on their 20 on another.  Just ditch the system if you're not going to make the correct call.  Or at least get the replay official a real TV.  They're cheap nowadays.  Again, we've made too many mistakes, and we don't necessarily deserve to win this game, but let the players decide that.  Don't screw us...three times in the second half.

11:44 - OSU punts with 1:10 left, and Gettis with another nice return.  Would be nice to get some more points just to get more points, but whatever.  Just don't get Gabbert more hurt.

11:45 - Gabbert scrambles (??) and fumbles, but Mizzou recovers.  Just let the game end.

11:46 - Gabbert runs again...JUST LET THE GAME END.

11:46 - One more catch for Danario, and the game is over.