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Mizzou Links, The Morning After


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Big 12 Links

  • Texas 16, Oklahoma 13 Defense gives Texas edge over Oklahoma; Bradford reinjures shoulder (Stewart Mandel): After beating Oklahoma, Texas still controls BCS destiny
    Dallas Morning News: Sooners' Bradford deserved a better ending
    Daily Oklahoman: Strong defensive performance not quite enough for Sooners
    Tulsa World: OU Notebook: Can't run, can't win
  • Texas Tech 31, Nebraska 10 Sheffield, defense help Texas Tech upset No. 15 Nebraska
    Corn Nation: Nebraska vs Texas Tech Postgame Overreaction - Reset the Season
  • Colorado 34, Kansas 30 Tyler Hansen sparks Buffaloes' upset of No. 17 Jayhawks
    KC Star: Time runs out on KU's perfect season as Colorado wins 34-30
    KC Star: KU turnovers are key in loss
  • Kansas State 62, Texas A&M 14 Week after rout, Kansas St. locks down Texas A&M in humiliating defeat
    Dr. Saturday: In the name of all that is decent, how can Texas A&M go on?
  • Iowa State 24, Baylor 10 Iowa State snaps 11-game Big 12 skid with win over Baylor
    Waco Tribune: Baylor lays an egg at Iowa State, 24-10
    Waco Tribune (Brice Cherry): Cyclones destroy Baylor's bowl hopes

Five quick thoughts about the rest of the conference:

  1. For a little perspective, here's a list of Big 12 teams who have probably been happy with their team's offensive performance both last week and this week: Texas Tech, Oklahoma State.  The end.  Maybe Iowa State too.  Before we start going crazy about David Yost and whether he's overmatched or whatever, realize that defenses in this conference are striking back overall, lots of teams are playing with lots of young playmakers, and this is simply a better defensive conference in 2009.  We are VERY spoiled here in regard to offensive performance--things are tougher this year for everybody, Missouri included.
  2. I had a terrible week of picks, but at least I nailed the Colorado game.  The situation was perfect: Tyler Hansen was starting his first game (and there really is still limited film on him), and Kansas had been playing with fire defensively for a while.  They gave up over 1,300 yards in their last three wins, and they gave up over 500 yards to Iowa State.  The situation was ripe for Colorado unleashing a game plan they didn't really expect and putting up some yards.  They only managed 322 (which, honestly, seems pretty good for CU) and actually lost the turnover battle, but KU's turnovers were daggers--a fumble at KU's 4 and an INT returned to KU's 1.  They handed CU two touchdowns and faltered with a late chance to win the game.  That = upset.  As annoyed as Mizzou fans are right now, Kansas fans are more annoyed.
  3. If it were possible for me to feel bad for OU (it's not), I'd be feeling bad for OU right now.  They entered this season with a potential land mine on the offensive line, and the line certainly hasn't overachieved, but the Sooners have simply been decimated by injuries.
  4. The North is absolutely insane right now.  Missouri couldn't have expected to beat OSU heading into last night, but if they had there would be a four-way tie for 1-1 in the North...behind North leader Kansas State (2-1).  Yes, North leader Kansas State.  Now, all of this will work itself out, and I still think one of only three teams will win this division--NU, KU, MU--but two (or three) games in, things are, uhh, messed up.
  5. Seriously, ATM, what the hell?  Are you even trying?


Later today, we'll take a unit-by-unit look at Missouri and where we should or shouldn't be panicking.