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Rock M Roundtable (Fail Edition)!

So I had no concept for the fact that today is actually Wednesday and forgot to send out the roundtable e-mail this morning,'s the public's time to shine!  Below are this week's roundtable questions.  Feel free to post your answers in the comments section below...along with whatever stupid distractions you can think of...the more derailing, the better the roundtable.  Time to see if you can do this better than the, uhh, professionals.

1 - Biggest cause for alarm after your team's showing last weekend?  Biggest cause for excitement?

2 - Deep down in your gut, who do you think wins the North this year?

3 - Picks!

Oklahoma at Kansas
Colorado at Kansas State
Iowa State at Nebraska
Oklahoma State at Baylor
Texas A&M at Texas Tech

And of course...
Texas at Missouri

4 - With Where The Wild Things Are set to give an entirely new generation of kids nightmares, admit it: what "children's" movie gave you nightmares when you were growing up?