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Mizzou Links, 10-22-09


Mizzou-Texas Links

  • ABC Releases Coverage Map For Texas
  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Behind the Numbers: MU-Texas

    Here’s what’s scary about the Horns’ dominance against running teams. You might think the rushing numbers are skewered because UT piles up zillions of quarterback sacks, which count against opponents’ rushing totals. But the Horns haven’t sacked quarterbacks at last year’s rate. They have 16 in seven games, a total that ranks just 31st nationally. (A year ago, their 47 sacks led the country.) Nope, the boys in burnt orange are simply swallowing up the running game.

    Here’s what opposing running backs have done against the Horns this season:
    * Frank Goodin, La-Monroe: 15 carries-60 yards
    * Alvester Alexander, Wyoming: 9-24
    * Eric Stephens, Texas Tech: 9-27
    * Baron Batch, Texas Tech: 4-23
    * Rodney Stewart, Colorado: 21-40
    * Chris Brown, Oklahoma: 12-23
    * DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma: 5-(minus 3)
  • The Trib: Behind the Stripes Webcast: Episode 11, Pt. 1
  • The Missourian: Texas special teams a challenge for Missouri
  • KC Star: Missouri has to find Texas' Sergio Kindle
  • KC Star (Jason Whitlock...god he's such a predictable flake): Blaine and I just need a little space, that's all
  • Post-Dispatch: Texas has quite a catch in receiver Jordan Shipley
  • Burnt Orange Nation: Texas Offense About to Take Complete 180

    Since opposing defenses, surprise, surprise, have caught up with the four-wide look of the Longhorns, either blitzing like Oklahoma did in classic Brent Venables Reflexive Blitz action -- if Venables ever has his head cut off, he would probably run around in circles briefly and then call for a blitz -- or drop eight into zone coverage, the coaching staff seems to think a change is necessary. Brown said the four-wide flex offense isn't something that you can run "consistently."

    Except the Longhorns did run it consistently for more than the last half of the season. All sarcasm aside, Brown is right, though, as Ohio State certainly demonstrated that defenses were starting to figure out ways to defend the Longhorns and as a terrible unit like Colorado more than amply demonstrated. The shelf life of that particular offense and that particularly set of plays has effectively expired as of this point.

  • Austin American-Statesman: Horns' Aaron Williams has gone from Fab to fabulous
  • PowerMizzou: Powered Up: Why not Mizzou?
  • Mizzou Preps for Homecoming and Texas

Other Mizzou Football Links

  • PowerMizzou: Andrew Jones: The Forgotten Man
    As a true freshman in 2008, Jones caught 20 passes for 146 yards. Half of those came in Missouri's last four games, including career highs of seven for 61 yards in a 52-20 win over Iowa State. Now, with the Tiger offense averaging just 29 points a game, and having been shut out in the second half two weeks in a row, Jones stands by and waits for his chance.

    "Real frustrating, honestly," Jones admitted. "I get probably more frustrated than anybody else just because, I mean, I feel like I can help the team. Last year, they put me in some situations where I had to make some plays. I played like 50, 60 plays against Iowa State and I showed them that I could make the plays. It's just frustrating whenever I'm watching it go down, or if I know that I can maybe make a play. I wish I could help the team."
  • The Trib: Big 12 finds new stars to shine
  • Inside Missouri Football: Mizzou Special Teams Plays of the Week
  • Inside Missouri Football: Ziggy Hood Visits Mizzou


Big 12 Links

Other Mizzou Links