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Rock M Roundtable!

1 - So uhh...who wins the North this year?

2 - What worries you most about Colorado as Missouri prepares to depart for Boulder.  (And for Doug...having seen Colorado beat KU a couple of weeks ago, what is the most dangerous part of their game?)

3 - Picks!

Texas at OSU
Kansas at Texas Tech
Nebraska at Baylor
Kansas State at Oklahoma
Iowa State at Texas A&M

And of course...
Missouri at Colorado

4 - No pop culture question this week. the name of Positivity!  On a scale of 1-10, give me two ratings: 1) your excitement level for the upcoming season, and 2) your optimism level for the upcoming season.

The Beef: 1 - I believe a week or two ago I thought NU was going to win it.  Now, they are in real trouble with that endeavor, still with tough games against the kansas schools and OU.  kSU has a couple of tough games left, but I guess right now would be in the "official" driver seat.  I remain pretty confident about MU’s chances, as they would only need NU to lose an additional game beyond their "expected" (since few things are happening as expected) loss to OU.  However, there is a long way to go and MU has to just take them one game at a time.  @ kSU certainly looms large right now and may very well be for the crown (depending on if kU can get out of this hole they are starting to dig)

2 - Honestly, nothing about CU worries me.  I know they can run the ball and have a decent stable of horses.  However, we have done pretty well this year against the run.  I have seen CU look absolutely abysmal at times this year, and they seemed to get back to that last week with their effort against the Fightin’ Snyders.  So what worries me the most for Missouri about CU is Missouri.  Can they overcome the "issues" of communication on defense?  Can Gabbert remain relatively healthy for the duration?  Are we seeing a change at RB?

3 - Texas at OSU – GOOD game…though I like UT since OSU is still short some starts on offense and this is another good chance for the ‘Horns to continue reclaiming 1st place votes

Kansas at Texas Tech – Goodness…Tech could easily lose this, or put up 100 points.  With it being in Lubbock, I will go with closer to the latter

Nebraska at Baylor – I would think NU would HAVE to bounce back…but…

Kansas State at Oklahoma – I think OU has some hatred and angst to continue to take out on people for the next few weeks

Iowa State at Texas A&M – Hell…before our game, I would have taken ISU…but aTm pulled their head out against Tech.  I will go with aTm at home, but not by much

Missouri at Colorado - I like Mizzou here.  I don’t think the road element is really going to factor in at this point (at least it had better not).  I don’t think we lay the 55-10 or 59-0 from previous years on them…but I suppose absolutely nothing would surprise me at this point either.  Hopefully they come back out in that lovely Cover 1 or whatever it was that Chase kept torching them long in.  If they do that, Gabbert can just plant his feet and throw for about 600 yards.

4 - I am very excited for the season, probably an 8 or so, just because it is fun to be excited and I will probably get to a couple of games, which is always exciting as well.  My optimism level however, is a bit lower, probably around a 5.  I just think we have a LOT of things to replace (points, points in the paint, rebounding) and are hoping for a lot from people who, while they showed flashes last year, will need to put it together in a big way this season (English, Ramsey, Bowers off the top of my head).  Color me in the perhaps small group that thinks our team wont be quite as good as some seem to believe…but I am OK with that.  I really like the pieces Anderson is bringing in (even though I wish Green weighed a hair more than 185 at 6’8!!)

Doug: 1 - I still think Kansas has the best chance. Nebraska has to go to Lawrence, K-State is still eminently beatable, even in Manhattan, Gabbert is gimpy for Missouri and I don't think Colorado can keep up its recent hot streak, because, lest we forget, Dan Hawkins is still the head coach.

2 - The biggest issue KU faced was partly their own doing (another slow start on the road) and the fact CU went with Hansen, whom KU had basically no game film on. He brings a completely different dimension to CU's game, the biggest facet being he's not Cody Hawkins and won't do something crazy like get sacked for a safety when the line of scrimmage is the 11-yard line.

3 - Texas - But close.
Tech - But not close.
Baylor - But ugly and close.
Oklahoma - But ugly and not close.
A&M - But ugly.
CU - But close.

4 - I would excitement level is somewhat low, maybe a 5 or 6, only because I have to do all of these stupid game promos for the Jayhawk Network on KSMO, and those can be repetitive. Optimism is damn near close to a 10, probably a 9.8.

Bill C.: 1 - Being that I already wrote quite a bit about this on Sunday, I would say that KU and MU are my favorites...IF Missouri beats Colorado on Saturday.  This is such an impactful game--if Mizzou responds well to adversity and wins, my preseason 9-3 pick still looks pretty decent, and 8-4 looks damn near likely.  But if they lose, suddenly the season is all about just getting healthy and scrounging around for another two wins and a bowl bid.  The one person who couldn't get hurt for us to meet our goals this season was Gabbert, and he got hurt.  There's still time to turn things around, but only if they win on Saturday.  Otherwise I'm pretty confident KU will win this thing.

2 - CU's got a pretty decent defense--it has improved quite a bit since the Toledo debacle--and they've been able to create some easy scoring opportunities for themselves.  Of course, they have to generate easy scoring opportunities for themselves, otherwise they're not scoring.  The offense is still absolutely wretched.  But if Mizzou turns the ball over a couple of times, CU can win this game.  I'm with Beefy--Mizzou and Mizzou alone will probably determine the winner of this game.  If they play well, they win.  If they don't play well, they might still win if CU makes enough mistakes, but it's quite dicey.

3 - UT > OSU.  I really really want to pick OSU in this game, but I'll stick with UT.  They looked outstanding at Faurot last week.

Tech > KU.  Picking a Tech game is a total crapshoot, but KU's been total crap the last two weeks (see what I did there?).

NU > Baylor.  NU's offense stinks, but their D should still be good enough to beat Baylor as long as they have a turnover differential of less than -8.  EIGHT TURNOVERS LAST WEEK.  Sweet merciful crap...

OU > KSU.  Good test for KSU--not to see if they'll win, but to see if this newfound confidence actually makes them play better against a team with a pulse.

ATM > ISU.  Picking an ATM game right now is 5x more dicey than picking a Tech game.

MU > CU.  What can I say, I'm an optimist...

4 - Same as Beefy again...I'm SUPER-excited to have these guys back in my life again (8-9 out of 10), but until I see the Safford-Ramsey-Bowers trifecta perform when they're actually expected to perform, my optimism level's only around a 5 or 6.  Everybody knows I think the world of Bowers, and if Safford maintains his "a better Travon Bryant" level of play from the end of last season, then we might be just fine.  But we'll see.

(30 minutes later...)

ghtd36: Call the fire department, this one's out of control!
1 - Jeez, I don't know. I don't think Mizzou is very good. I don't think Kansas is very good. I don't think Nebraska is very good. I don't think Kansas State is very good. I don't think Iowa State is very good. I don't think Colorado is very good. But right now, gun to my head (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH PUT IT AWAY PUT IT AWAY I'LL ANSWER), I'd say Kansas. I think they're probably the least-bad team in the division, they have the best QB right now, and they have the most favorable schedule (Nebraska at home, Mizzou at neutral site).

2 - What worries me? Everything. Blaine Gabbert's ankle. The offensive line. The terror I will feel when Cody Hawkins -- CODY FREAKIN' HAWKINS -- throws a touchdown against Mizzou. The fact that we've grossly overrated Carl Gettis. The fact that Mizzou simply isn't that good. I could go on.

3 - Texas at OSU -- Texas. The news that Dez Bryant is out for the year probably punches Texas' ticket to the title game.

Kansas at Texas Tech -- Tech. They pooped the bed against TAMU, but Tech at home against a team they're demonstrably better than...wait, wasn't that the TAMU game?

Nebraska at Baylor -- Nebraska. Miss you, Hot Tub.

Kansas State at Oklahoma -- OU. Largely.

Iowa State at Texas A&M -- A&M. But they'll probably lose. Because they're TAMU. So why am I picking them? Nothing makes sense anymore.

Missouri at Colorado -- Mizzou. Because the priest from Keeping The Faith is better than the lawyer from The People vs. Larry Flynt.

4 - I'm pretty much a 9 for excitement; winning 31 games and going to the Elite Eight does that. Plus, it marks the return of my stupid Photoshops. As for optimism, I'm a 7. I know Mizzou lost JYD and Good/Bad Leo, but...correct me if I'm wrong...isn't the point of a system that you can just replace and go? Also, I'm hearing excellent things about Dixon. Mancrush: ENGAGE.

ZouDave: 1 - Ulysses S. Grant.
or Nebraska.  or Missouri.  or kansas.
2 - What worries me the most about Colorado is Missouri.  I don't think Colorado is in any way good enough to beat Missouri without Missouri's help.
3 - Texas
Texas Tech
4 - 7 and 7

Bill C.: Just to stir things up as I step out for a meeting...quick question for the Edward Norton fan: are you calling Gettis vastly overrated because of last week, or because of more than that?  I actually thought he was meeting or exceeding our (half-joking) expectations of him until the Texas game, in which he apparently forgot how to read defensive signals from the sidelines.  Are we really moving somebody from "pleasant surprise" to "vastly overrated" after one game?

Oh, and ZouDave is a ninny.  There.  I expect 25 e-mails by the time I get back.



Michael Atchison: 1 - Who wins the North?  My guess is that we’ll learn the answer on Thanksgiving weekend at Arrowhead.  Carl Peterson didn’t do much right in his waning years, but securing that game for KC was a coup.  Before KC: meaningful only to the teams and fans involved.  After:  Meaningful to the entire division, and at least once, the entire country.

2 - I’m worried most about the sheer unpredictability of Colorado.  Of all the bad teams I’ve seen in recent years, they seem like the one prone to stand up and be really good for 60 minutes here and there.

3 - I’m picking the exact same way everyone else is.  A pretty easy week to pick winners.

4 - Put the excitement at a 9 and the optimism at a 7.  I really think this team has a chance to be better than people expect.  The perimeter play is going to be outstanding and relentless.  Anderson has six interchangeable parts to play three spots.  They are going to exhaust some opposing guards.  And with the frontcourt, Anderson’s approach reminds me of the way that football programs were built 30 years ago.  Recruit and develop.  Don’t expect much from guys in their first year, and then watch them develop.  I think the biggest leap in production on this team will be made by Justin Safford, with Laurence Bowers next.  They have the tools, and they’re gaining experience.  Do I expect them to be as productive as DeMarre and Leo?  Of course not.  But I don’t expect all the production to just dry up.  Someone is going to need to take shots, and those two will do it.  I don’t expect Keith Ramsey to be an offensive force, but I do think that he could surprise people if he attacks the offensive glass.  That guy was made for garbage points.

ghtd36: William-

It's starting to occur to me that Gettis was never really a "lockdown corner." We gave him the title of "The Carl Gettis Treatment" last season, but let's look at who he covered.

Arrelious Benn (Illinois): 7 catches, 92 yards (with Juice Williams as his QB. Juice Williams.)
Naaman Roosevelt (Buffalo): 9 catches, 87 yards
Nate Swift (Nebraska): 5 catches, 45 yards, TD
Dez Bryant (Oklahoma State): 7 catches, 47 yards
Quan Cosby (Texas): 7 catches, 74 yards
Scotty McKnight (Colorado): 4 catches, 44 yards
Kendall Wright (Baylor): 4 catches, 41 yards
Brandon Banks (Kansas State): 9 catches, 34 yards, TD
(I don't know who he covered against Iowa State)
Dezmon Briscoe (Kansas): 9 catches, 114 yards, TD
Juaquin Iglesias (Oklahoma): 9 catches, 125 yards, 2 TDs
Eric Peterman (Northwestern): 7 catches, 83 yards, TD

So, you could say that he legitimately "locked down" who? Probably Bryant, McKnight, Wright...Swift? Maybe?

I'm saying that I think we've fallen into Pig Brown Syndrome once again, mistaking a couple terrific plays (and a couple terrific games) for a terrific player.

Bill C.: Yes, LAST year we absolutely overrated him.  Totally.  We realized that as it unfolded.  THIS year, however, he had been a very pleasant surprise until the Texas game...

ghtd36: Then we agree.

/sly stare

The Beef: No no…this can’t end this quickly!!

ZouDave: that's what she said

The Beef: obligatory picture


: Speaking of which, terrific World Series episode. Green Man vs. the "Phillie Frenetic" slayed me.

Bill C.: He only works on his glamour muscles...

ghtd36: Let the record show...

RPT: I'm not seeing a whole lot of typing going on over there.

ZouDave: I'm heading to TGIFridays for lunch a D&B card I need to burn through.

(30 minutes later...)

ZouDave: ?


The Beef: Wow…that was a quick lunch there

ZouDave: I haven't even left for lunch yet.

Btw, I've dropped over 6 inches off of my waist since August.  Apparently not eating is an excellent diet.

The Beef: I’ve heard that will do wonders for you…

…and I tried to find a picture, but I guess my safe search must be off, and so every search, though I did not think it to be scandalous, resulted in porn on my computer and me quickly X’ing out of the screen…so you get no picture though one is probably due

ghtd36: Beef, for the last time, stop Googling ZouDave's sister at work.

ZouDave: yes, stop doing anything to ZouDave's sister at work.

The Beef: The first 63 results of image googling that brings up RMN pics

The Beef: ZD's sister at work:

ghtd36: Every member of this Roundtable -- from RPT to KU Doug -- smiled and did a small fist-pump after reading about the Google results.

And that's why we're friends.

"We're the three best friends that anyone could ever have, we're the three best friends that anyone could ever have..."


RPT: Who is going to Photoshop RMN into the Wolfpack from The Hangover?



ghtd36: On it. Give me three months and an unlimited budget.

RPT: Done. Your budget has been increased 300 percent from $0 to $0.