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Mizzou Links, 10-7-09

An outbreak of MU-NU smack talk, a ZouDave video, picks, lots of fanposts, lots of hits (for us)...was yesterday the best day ever for Rock M Nation?

Mizzou-Nebraska Links!

  • The Missourian: What you need to know for MU-Nebraska parking
    • The Maryland Avenue parking garage and Parking Structure No. 7 near University Hospital will not be open to the public for parking as it typically is for Saturday home games. These garages will be restricted to student and employee parking only, Joy said.
    • Because of these garage restrictions, there will be about 2,000 fewer game-day parking spaces than normal.
    • The five on-campus garages open to the public free of charge are Conley Avenue, Hitt Street, Turner Avenue, University Avenue and Virginia Avenue.
  • The Missourian: Heavy rain possible during Missouri-Nebraska game Thursday
  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Behind the Numbers: MU-NU, Part II

    Here's something you can't really measure in numbers but could be a factor on Thursday. Defense, especially run defense, is played with controlled rage, a channeled emotion. And, barring a torrential monsoon, the atmosphere on Thursday promises a setup to favor those emotions. In Missouri's last two home games against Nebraska, the Tigers fed off that atmosphere and smothered the Nebraska run, holding them to minus-2 yards on 19 carries in 2005 (thanks to a bushel of sacks of Zac Taylor), and in 2007 limited the Huskers to 3.0 yards a carry. Last year's game in Lincoln, MU was even better against the run, holding Nebraska to 2.3 yards a pop. Much will depend on Missouri's ability to control the line of scrimmage, and for that, look no further than the man lined up next to nose tackle Jaron Baston. This is a huge game for D-tackles Dominique Hamilton and Terrell Resonno. They cannot be pushed around inside. Those two have to hold their ground in the trenches.

    That reminds me of a comment Resonno made to me back in August, something he can prove against the Huskers: "You got to be nasty to play defensive line. When I first got here, I didn’t know what that meant. But I’m nasty, though. I can get nasty. Sometimes I can be nice, but if you push my buttons, I can be a nasty mother... . So, that’s about it."

  • The Trib: Running woes dragging Tigers down some
  • Football Fan Primer
  • Dr. Saturday: On the Spot: 'Husker D can't be back in Black until it reverses track at Missouri
    Nebraska currently leads the nation in scoring defense, giving up seven points per game on just 286 yards. Of course, there are only so many concrete conclusions you can take away from an early schedule against Sun Belt also-rans Florida Atlantic, Arkansas State and Louisiana-Lafayette, interrupted only by the relative offensive juggernaut of Virginia Tech, which managed to rip out Nebraska's heart with a single long ball despite doing nothing offensively the rest of the day. By contrast, Missouri will be wielding the nation's 16th-ranked offense and one of its most efficient passers, Blaine Gabbert, who has 11 touchdowns, zero picks and has lived up to all of the recruiting hype in his first four starts. This will be the big litmus test of whether the Cornhuskers' pass defense, their Achilles heel over the past three seasons, has made the meaningful progress the numbers have suggested so far.
  • The Missourian: Pelini wants Nebraska's defense to earn Blackshirts
  • PowerMizzou: The here and now
    "I see a lot of similarities between that team and this team," linebacker Sean Weatherspoon said. "But you really won't know until you go out there every week. You've got to go out there and grow as a team, and that's what the 2007 team did. The seniors did a great job leading, and hopefully we can put it together again."

    One difference, however, is the confidence level. This isn't 2003, when Missouri beat Nebraska for the first time in 24 years. This isn't 2005, when Missouri extended its winning streak at home over Nebraska to two. The Tigers have won four of the last six meetings by an average of 26 points. In fact, only a handful of players saw the field the last time Missouri lost to Nebraska, in 2006.

    "I'm one of the very few guys that was here the last time they beat us," defensive tackle Jaron Baston. "I think about it a lot. I still want to continue that winning tradition that Missouri has over Nebraska."
  • PowerMizzou: Tigers vs Huskers: The Variables
  • Post-Dispatch: MU has something to prove
  • Post-Dispatch: Are the Nebraska Cornhuskers behind the '08 ball?
  • KC Star: Missouri hopes to get running game going against Nebraska
  • KC Star (Campus Corner): Munir Prince Out for Mizzou
  • KC Star (Campus Corner): "Runaround Suh" - What's Your Favorite Sports song? (I almost didn't post this because of the brutal title)
  • Lincoln Journal Star: Zac Lee expected to play key role in battle against Tigers (You think so, huh? The quarterback is expected to play a key role?)
  • Omaha World-Herald: Mum's the word for MU's Blaine Gabbert
  • Omaha World-Herald: Missouri natives will get reacquainted
  • Nebraska State Paper: All Eyes on Blaine
  • Missouri Prepared for Nebraska

Other Mizzou Football Links!

Big 12 Links!

Other Mizzou Links!

  • Volleyball Hosts CU in TV Match Wednesday night


  • The Rivalry, Esq.: SmartFootball on TRE, Part 1: Spreads, Bubble Screens, Juice Williams