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Mizzou Links, GAMEDAY


Or, to put it more succinctly...

Gameday Links!

  • KC Star: Blaine Gabbert stands at flash point of Nebraska-Mizzou game
  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Writer's Block
    BTS: Gary Pinkel and Missouri players tried to temper the idea that this is a heated rivalry, but at least with the fans, Missouri-Nebraska has become every bit as hostile and nasty as Missouri’s with Kansas, maybe even more so. How has this rivalry evolved from your viewpoint?

    Shatel I’ve always thought this was the most underrated, or underdeveloped, rivalry in college football. Then again, I’m biased. I’ve been around it since 1977, my sophomore year at Mizzou, and people on both sides say it’s been tough and physical and downright nasty long before that. I’ve been on both sides of this, as an alum, a former sports writer at the Star who covered Mizzou in the 80’s, and then on the other side of the barbed wire in Omaha since 1991 (Married a devoted Husker and she lets me fly a half-Nebraska, half-Missouri flag). Since I’ve started watching, these games have always been the most brutal and hardest-hitting on either team’s schedule, and that includes OU-Nebraska. There’s something about it. I can’t explain. What is it? Why do these two fan bases dislike each other so intensely? Ask a Tiger who’d he rather beat in football, NU or KU, and I think you’d get interesting answers.
  • The Trib: Tigers' run defense will be tested
  • The Trib: Behind the Stripes Webcast: Episode 9
  • PowerMizzou: Powered Up: The North's top two
  • PowerMizzou: Zo Knows Nebraska
  • Post-Dispatch: Today's matchup: Tigers vs Nebraska
  • The Missourian: Nebraska quarterback looks past what-ifs
  • The Missourian: MIssouri football players prepare for Huskers, first conference game
  • Jeff City News Tribune: Gabbert ready to tackle challenge of Big 12 play for first time
  • Omaha World-Herald: Huskers' secondary coach says Eric Hagg has skills
  • Omaha World-Herald: Alfonzo Dennard set for more time
  • Big Red Network: Secondary Primary for NU
  • Big Red Network: Unwelcome Rumors Mostly Unfounded
  • Collision in Columbia

Not-as-game-related Gameday Links!

  • Mizzourah: Defining a Rivalry
  • The Missourian: 10 Things to look for while trying to park
  • The Missourian: Hotels give thumbs up, bars concerned about Thursday football game
  • The Missourian: Oct. 8, 1992: the first night football game at MU
  • The Trib: Missourians, Nebraskans have at least two things in common
    From Missouri’s perspective, Nebraska fans politely clap for the opposing team as it jogs off the field for the sole purpose of reminding you that they politely clap for the opposing team as it jogs off the field. They pine for 1994 more wistfully than Ace of Base and fail to mention that in the last five years, their team’s Big 12 record is worse than Texas Tech and Missouri and only a game better than Kansas. They write hysterical e-mails to sports editors about how they fear for their lives in Columbia even though the only reported violence at one of these games came when one of their student-athletes, Kellen Huston, slugged a Missouri fan in 2003. We gave them Mike Rucker; they gave us Lawrence Phillips.
  • Denver Post: Steele-y-eyed miss on Mizzou

Big 12 Links!

  • Dez Bryant
    Dr. Saturday: All-American Bryant will dazzle no more at Oklahoma State
    Dr. Saturday: Dez Bryant Update: Ok. State star brought down by Primetime?
    Dallas Morning News: What we know about Dez Bryant's situation
    Daily Oklahoman: Who's Next at receiver for OSU?
    Gobbler Country: Dez Bryant's Suspension is Why I Hate the NCAA

    Bryant thought just going to Sanders' house was a violation of NCAA rules. I don't blame him. It seems every small, stupid thing is an NCAA violation, even if it's just Chillin' With Deion. The NCAA has these kids scared to leave their dorms without doing something that will cost them their eligibility. 


    So once Bryant found out he hadn't committed a violation, he owned up to having lied and got suspended. OSU has already applied for reinstatement and it better happen or the NCAA is even a more backasswards organization than I previously thought.

  • The Wiz of Odds: Fighting a Big War With a Short Stick in the Big 12
  • Double-T Nation: Five Reasons Texas Tech Will Lose :: Kansas St. Wildcats Edition

Non-Football Mizzou Links!

  • MU Basketball Missouri's Recruiting Reach
    Anderson knows that you cannot win with in-state talent alone and that to be a national powerhouse, you need to recruit throughout the nation.

    That is why he spends time recruiting outside the Show-Me borders and to get athletes from every part of the country.  In fact this year's roster is comprised of 13 players representing 8 states: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Missouri (4), New York and Tennessee (3). Those states embody almost every region of the country and show that Mizzou is making itself a household name throughout the country.

    Rush the Court: Binghamton and Kansas Can't Stay Out of the Headlines
  • MU Volleyball Wilson, Klein and Vann Lead Mizzou Past Colorado
    The Missourian: Missouri volleyball player aces home match Missouri Student-Athlete Spotlight: Paola Ampudia