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The Wager is Set

As if there wasn't already enough at stake tonight, Corn Nation and Rock M Nation have decided to place a wager on the outcome of tonight's game.

In effect, the blog that represents the winner of tonight's game will assume control over the tagline/decription of the opposing blog through Sunday. For instance, if Nebraska wins, Corn Nation will be allowed to determine the phrase that will appear in the spot on the left that currently reads "Bloggin' like an Underdog." If Missouri wins, Rock M Nation will determine what will appear in the spot at the top of Corn Nation that currently reads "Nebraska Cornhusker Football - Winning the Big 12 North in 2009!" The phrase, which can not be vulgar or profane, will have to remain on the losing team's site through Sunday night.

Let's hope that Rock M Nation is going to have to hold a brainstorming session late into the night tonight...