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Mizzou Links, 11-11-09

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K-State Links

  • The Trib: Tigers look within after inexplicable loss
  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Spoon Unplugged

    The afternoon before home games, MU players are transported to a local hotel where they hold various meetings throughout the evening. That’s when Weatherspoon said he could sense trouble brewing.

    "You’ve got to be mature," he said. "You can’t have guys joking around and having a good time on Friday night. You’ve got to wake up ready to play football. We had some guys joking around, having a good time and laughing. Coach Stec said it’s probably the loudest he’s seen the defense before we do our ritual that night. It kind of showed on the field and that’s how the game went.

    "It was really loosey-goosey, just goofing around. And that’s what you can’t do if you want to get your mind right to play a game."

    Weatherspoon credited defensive coordinator Dave Steckel with settling down the antics and getting the team refocused Friday night, but, he said, "I think the damage had already been done."

    Some of the goofing continued on Sunday, when the team gathered for meetings and the mandatory practice that always follows a loss, Weatherspoon said.

    I like that this sounds like a "youth" thing more than a "bad apples" thing, and really if it is a youth thing, then a reality check like what happened last Saturday could be good for long-term development--there is now very good proof that if you're not mentally prepared the way the coaches say you need to be, you can lose to absolutely anybody.  We'll see how the team responds this weekend, I guess.
  • The Missourian: Former quarterback settles down at running back for Kansas State
  • PowerMizzou: Tuesday Notebook: An old nemesis
  • Topeka Capital-Journal: Daniel Thomas a natural
  • KC Star: Cats' Grant Gregory has all the answers
  • KC Star: MU's Blaine Gabbert takes the blame for offense's struggles
  • Post-Dispatch: Kansas State staying humble amid turnaround

Other Mizzou Links

  • USA Today: Missouri shows how schools pay a price for football success
  • PowerMizzou: Darvin Ruise talks commitment

    This is the greatest tie-breaker ever:
    In a little-known rule, a three-way tie for district champions in Florida requires an odd tiebreaker. Instead of a coin flip, each of the three teams must play one quarter against the others in a round-robin style championship game. Whoever wins the most quarters becomes the champion.

    "I had to leave early on Sunday," Ruise laughed. "I got a call saying we had to play on Monday, so I had to leave earlier than I thought."
  • PowerMizzou: Tiger Tracker: In-state edition
  • Inside Mizzou Football: Tiger Rookie Spotlight
  • Inside Mizzou Football: Zaviar Gooden

Big 12 Links

Other Mizzou Links

  • MU Basketball
    The Missourian (Blog): Mike Anderson headed to ESPN Studios Hoops Closes Preseason Action Friday
  • MU Soccer
    The Trib: MU soccer team left out of NCAA field
    Mizzourah: Soccer Ranting
    [T]his season was a down year for the Big 12 in soccer and that coupled with the Tigers’ surprisingly slow 4-4-1 start to the season left Missouri with a not so impressive RPI rating (47).

    But winning a major conference like the Big 12 even in a down year has to be enough to at least get you an invite to the Dance, no? There couldn’t have been too many teams in the country hotter than the Tigers who went 9-1-2 before dropping their Big 12 Tournament semifinal game to Oklahoma State.

    And it’s not like this was a group that hadn’t proven itself in the past. Missouri advanced to the second round of the NCAA Tournament in ’07 and ’08 and finished ’08 with an impressive record of 16-5-2, which included a Big 12 Tournament championship.


I just don't think enough has been made about how amazing this interception was...