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Live Thread: Mizzou at Kansas State

Mizzou Gameday in Manhattan, Kansas:

Photo by Julia Robinson | Columbia Tribune (2007)

Who: Missouri Tigers (5-4, 1-4 Big 12) vs. Kansas St. Wildcats (6-4, 4-2)
Where: Bill Snyder Family Stadium (Capacity 50,000)
When: 11:32 a.m. CST
Line: Pick





Radio: Tiger Radio Network (Mike "To The House" Kelly, John Kadlec, Chris Gervino)
TV: Versus (Ron Thulin, Kelly Stouffer, Lindsay Soto)
Weather: Hourly Forecast
Online trackers: CSTVESPN
Game Notes: 
Missouri | Kansas State


Make Rock M Nation your base of operations tonight and weigh in with your predictions, questions, worries, bold statements and observations by signing up for a free account. Isn't it about time Gary Pinkel gets a win over Bill Snyder? Oh, and just because we need the good vibes:

Fight Tigers!

Bill C's Liveblog after the jump.

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First Quarter

11:36 - Greetings! The Beef is here as a special guest, and we're polishing off biscuits & gravy, so it's a slow start to the live blog...thus far, Danario Alexander and Jerrell Jackson have come up huge, and Mizzou has overcome a GOD-AWFUL chop block call, and after Blaine Gabbert took about 35 seconds to gain about 30 yards, Mizzou's in scoring position.  Red zone execution favors K-State, so it would be lovely to actually score a touchdown here...

11:39 - Nope.  Third-and-goal pass is broken John Houlik's head.  Mizzou to kick a field goal.  Boo.

11:39 - It's good.  3-0, though that drive was so flawless at first that I'd have hoped for 7.

11:43 - Okay...if you're going to kick it short, DON'T KICK IT TO BANKS.  Banks gets it at the 20 and trots to the 45.  We're keeping a running count: that's one kickoff where kicking out of bounds would have been smarter.

11:44 - After no gain on first down, KSU runs the ol' Snyder option, and Gregory gets the keeper for a first down.

11:45 - Okay, Versus, Andrew Gachkar's not a safety.  Just so you know.

11:47 - Nice run defense early by Mizzou...two stuffed runs by Daniel Thomas, and it's just can't give 3rd-and-7 up to KSU...

11:48 - ...and Mizzou stops the 3rd-and-7 option (?).  Nice.  Fourth-and-4, and KSU will attempt a 47-yard field goal...

11:48 - ...and it's good.  Josh Cherry continues the mid-season turnaround, and it's 3-3.

11:52 - Yeah, Kendial Lawrence needs to learn to just kneel down in the endzone.  He takes it out, barely gets back to the 20, and a hold will start the drive at a 7.  Ugh.

11:53 - Third-and-1 for Mizzou...really need to convert and at least flip the field...nope.  For those screaming that we should be running more, it should be pointed out that D-Wash never had a chance.  Now we get to punt to Banks.  Sweet.

11:54 - Ugh.  The punt is almost blocked, and Banks actually signaled for fair catch (a victory), but Beau Brinkley runs into Banks anyway, and it's a 15-yard penalty.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.  KSU will start at the Mizzou 40.

11:58 - Well, Gregory's shifty, I'll give him that...ducked around in the pocket for quite a while and dove forward to set up a 3rd-and-1...which he easily gets.  KSU's absolutely in field goal position now.  They needed two first downs to get there last possession and one this time...that's what winning the field position battle will do for you.

12:01 - Lovely defense by Mizzou, stopping the option twice for zero yards...3rd-and-10...incomplete pass...oh, illegal hands to the face on Mizzou?  Really?  Ugh.  Just MURDERING ourselves in the first quarter.  Jesus, guys.

12:02 - But on the bright side, since KSU runs 125 times a game, the first quarter is already over.

Second Quarter

12:07 - Alright, third-and-3 for KSU from the 8...Mizzou doesn't deserve to give up less than 7 points on this drive with these stupid mistakes...hmm.  Pass to Banks, who reaches for the endzone and fumbles into the endzone out of bounds.  That will be Missouri's ball if the replay review doesn't screw us...which is, of course, 50/50...

12:09 - WOOHOO!  Mizzou ball!  Mizzou dodges a MAJOR bullet there.

12:10 - Quickly it's 3rd-and-4 for Mizzou...again...need to convert to flip the field, as we're getting killed on field position...which doesn't usually end well...

12:11 - ...and Mizzou calls timeout.  Interesting, as KSU was rushing TWO guys.

12:14 - Okay, third down for real this KSU's blitzing...and Jackson makes a NICE catch of a slant...seriously, he only catches passes with a high degree of difficulty...first down, Mizzou.

12:15 - Jeez, and quickly again, it's third-and-6...I can't even keep up with the first- and second-downs...Gabbert fires one about 128 mph to Jackson, who can't hold on...not gonna blame him for that one...hey, hey! Penalty flag!  And it's on K-State!  Interference!  First down!

12:17 - words.  Gabbert goes deep on first down, and Danario, who is perfectly covered, tugs the ball away from the defensive back, and walks in for the touchdown.  Wow.  WOW.  Just cannot tell you how great a catch that was.  10-3 Mizzou.  What a turn of events between the Banks fumble and that catch.

12:21 - We kick to Banks again...and it pays off!!  He only gets to the 30, and a block in the back backs them up.

12:22 - It's a Brad Madison sighting!!  He breaks up a first down pass.  Of course, Gregory follows with two downfield completions...kind of kills the buzz a bit.

12:24 - Credit where it's due: KSU has responded well.  Handed bad field position for the first time, they've found some holes in Mizzou's zone, and they're inside Mizzou's 35...

12:25 - After a coverage incompletion and a short run, it's 3rd-and-7 from the Mizzou 30...and Gregory finds Lamark Brown for a first down.  Kip Edwards was, seriously, giving him at LEAST 15 yards of cushion.  WTF.

12:27 - Another couple of short runs, it's third-and-8...and KSU calls timeout.  WITH 6:33 LEFT IN THE FIRST HALF.  I do with more opponents ran as much as K-State.  This is lovely.

12:32 - And we're back...and that play was a disaster for K-State.  Gregory almost gets killed by Aldon Smith, KSU holds, and Mizzou almost comes up with an interception.  Penalty is declined.  Good call--it might have taken them out of field goal position, but it would give them another chance.  Bill Snyder is talking to a player on the sideline and looking annoyed...The Beef: "That's like when your grandpa gets mad at you...he's more disappointed in you than anything else."

12:34 - Field goal is good.  10-6.  I'll take that.

12:34 - Thanks, K-State!  Kicked it short despite our return struggles, and Wes Kemp takes it out near the 40.

12:35 - This drive sucks.  Quick pass to Danario is eaten up, and then Mizzou gets called for another chop block...let's see if this one was actually a chop replay?  Really?  Good, then I'll just assume it was another terrible call.  2nd-and-TWENTY-EIGHT.

12:36 - Four-yard reverse to Perry...that's fine...kills more clock than a normal four-yard run (4:51 left)...and Perry's down, holding his's bad.  Looks like a hyperextension on replay.

12:38 - Third-and-23...Gabbert goes deep to Danario, because why not...and Danario almost makes another great catch.  Alas, no.  Fourth down.  Mizzou to punt with 4:35 left...

12:39 - Ugh...terrible bounce on the punt, and KSU will start at their 45.  They don't move the ball quickly, but they can go 55 yards in 4.5 minutes.

12:42 - After two runs, it'll be  They just ran a freeze play.  On third down.  Haven't seen that since I was in high school, and the freeze play was our best offensive play.

12:44 - Nice!  Bad pass from Gregory, and KSU will punt with 3:05 left.  Gettis calls fair catch inside the Mizzou 10.

12:46 - Quick pass to Danario and run by Alexander, and it'll be 3rd down with under 2:00 left...complete to Kemp for a first down.  NOW we go into the hurry-up...

12:47 - Dart to Jerrell Jackson, who's got some room to run...Mizzou to their 45!

12:48 - Nice blitz by KSU, but Gabbert somehow escapes and picks up a few yards.

12:48 - Second-and-2...Gabbert deep to Kemp...and just overthrows him.  Had him, but that was a LONG throw.

12:49 - After a QB sneak for the first down, Gabbert quickly fires to Jackson, who has been limping the whole game.  Good game from him, though.

12:49 - Nice! Complete to Danario downfield, and he almost blows out both knees pivoting for another 5-10 yards.  Timeout Mizzou at the KSU 16, 0:25 left.  Danario: 7 for 96 and a touchdown.  Typical Danario first half.

12:51 - Oh, that's just pretty.  Fade to Danario for the touchdown.  93-yard two-minute drill.  That's just ridiculously good.  17-6.  HUGE way to end the half.

12:53 - Hooray! We tackled Banks! KSU will down the ball, and that's the end of the half.  HUGE second quarter.  And a golf clap to Versus, for putting up the "KSU: 22 straight losses when trailing at halftime."

12:54 - The Beef's analysis: "It's ALL about the first drive of the second half."  Amen to that.

Third Quarter

1:15 - And we're back!  Stop them here.  Please, stop them on this drive.  Kickoff is short, and uh, some dude returns it to the 41.  Four kickoffs, two would have been better kicking out of bounds.  Really not a terrible percentage.

1:17 - Alright...third-and-1 from midfield...sneak gets the first down.  Daniel Thomas: 13 carries, 35 yards, by the way..  I'll take that.

1:18 - Make it 15 carries, 37 yards.  Third-and-8 for KSU...and the soft zone strikes again.  Easy 14-yard completion.  I can't really complain about the defensive effort today, but I do hate that soft zone sometimes...

1:20 - And KSU makes their first quick sideline pass to easy nine yards.  Not sure why they haven't done that more.

1:22 - Methodically (to say the least), KSU has made it to the MU 20...field goal here would be keeeeeeey.

1:23 - Okay, third-and-7 after a short run and a Wildcat pass (incomplete and awful) by Thomas...stop 'em stop 'em stop 'em stop 'em.

1:24 - Nice!  Blitz is picked up, but Gregory throws fast and poor.  Incomplete, and KSU will kick the field goal...

1:25 - ...and it's good.  17-9.  I'll take that.  And KSU killed almost six minutes...I'll take that too.

1:27 - Damn you, Versus, for showing us the "Missouri: 0 second-half TDs in Big 12 play" graphic.

1:28 - Quickly, it's third down after an incompletion to Danario and a four-yarder by Jerrell Jackson.  And a pass to Kemp is, luckily for Mizzou, incomplete.  Could have been picked by two different people.  Mizzou is shaky on offense to start the second half.  Go figure.

1:30 - Another punt is almost blocked, but it isn't...and Harry gets off a nice kick.  Banks runs backwards two yards and is tackled by Trey Hobson.  I'll take it.

1:33 - And we're back...nice couple of plays by KSU.  Zone-read option to Banks gets 7, then Thomas gets nice blocking and rushes out to midfield.  Hold your breath, Mizzou fans.

1:35 - No gain for Thomas, followed by a 4-yard reverse-of-field by Banks...HUGE third-and-6 here...

1:36 - ...and Gregory finds Banks for exactly six yards, and no more.

1:36 - Daniel Thomas is completely gassed, but the Mizzou defense is too, and Thomas gets five yards on first down.

1:37 - Little gain on second down, so we've third-and-3...and Gregory finds Attrail Snipes for a first down.  Defense is getting REALLY tired.

1:39 - And KSU FINALLY gets called for a false start.  I swear they're all moving on every play...ugh.  Makes 2nd-and-5 a 2nd-and-10.

1:40 - Gregory scrambles for a bit, but it's third-and-6...ABSOLUTELY HUGE play here...

1:41 - Nice call on the shovel pass, but SPOOOOOOOOON stops it.  Fourth-and-3...

1:42 - ...and Cherry boots his fourth field goal.  Thank god it was only 3.  17-12, with a minute left in the quarter.  KSU's had the ball about 13 of 14 minutes in this half.

1:45 - Kendial Lawrence downs the ball in the endzone!!  Woohoo!  Alright, MUST do something here, even if it's just moving the chains a couple of times and getting the defense a breather...

1:45 - God bless you, Danario Freaking Alexander.  Wow.  80-yard touchdown on Mizzou's first play.  He just outsprinted THE ENTIRE K-STATE DEFENSE.  24-12.  Wow.  He may have just made himself a first-round pick.  Dammit...the defense gets no rest.  :-)

1:46 - And an up-man returns the kickoff to the KSU 43.  Five kickoffs, three that would have been better kicked out of bounds.

1:47 - I'll say this: Dominique Hamilton might not have much on the stat sheet, but he's been in the backfield a ton today.  Gregory escapes, but makes a bad pass.  Second down for KSU...and Gregory finds a receiver for a first down.  Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, but we've been close to a freaking ton of big defensive plays today.

1:48 - And that's the end of the third just under 2 hours, 20 minutes...

Fourth Quarter

1:54 - And we start the fourth quarter with a review...Will Ebner stripped Daniel Thomas on 2nd-and-1, and Mizzou recovered, but he was REALLY close to being down...there is no great angle, but I think he was down.  If we're going with the true definition of "inconclusive," then this is inconclusive, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's overturned...

1:56 - Call stands!  Thank you, Versus, for lack of camera angles!!!!

1:57 - Wow...and Gabbert almost gives it right back, throwing to Danario on triple coverage.  INT is dropped, however.  Whew.

1:58 - After a decent run by Derrick Washington, it's love you, Danario Alexander.  Slant to #81, who is stuffed for five yards...and carries two tacklers for the first down.  He IS the Missouri offense right now.  First down at midfield.  An even 200 yards for Danario.

1:59 - And two Washington runs get another first down...13:00 left...

2:00 - Great blitz pick-up, and Gabbert finds Jerrell Jackson for 20 yards...Mizzou to the 17...dagger in hand...use it...

2:00 - No gain for De'Vion Moore, followed by another nice reverse to Jackson, who has gotten up limping after every play today...first-and-goal from the 4...dagger in hand...use it...

2:01 - Touchdown, Derrick Washington!  Wow.  They used the dagger.  Huge fumble, and an even, um, huger drive.  31-12.

2:05 - Nice, deep kickoff, and Banks is tackled before the 30...nice!  That's three-of-six that would have been better kicked out of bounds.

2:07 - And Gettis is hurt on KSU's first play.  Don't get burned deep now, Robert Steeples.  Then again Kip Edwards has played a ton today, so maybe he's ahead of Steeples now.

2:08 - Short passes are working, but that's fine...eating clock...

2:09 - Aww, Aldon Smith, that was mean.  He just THREW the left tackle out of the way and Gregory had no chance.  One sack away from the single-season Mizzour ecord.  Oh yeah, and he's a redshirt freshman.

2:10 - Third-and-18 for KSU...end it now...and they do.  Gregory is pressured, and Jarrell Harrison steps in and picks it off.  Yes.

2:11 - Back-to-back Wild Tiger looks for D-Wash work for a first down to the KSU 14.

2:12 - Wild Tiger again, and the middle is wide open for D-Wash.  Yes.  38-12, 7:51 left.

2:16 - Oh nice...Banks hits the hole at 112 mph and goes 50 yards, but there was a hold.  KSU will start at the 16.  When it rains, it pours I guess.

2:20 - Hey, it's Marcus Malbrough!  Aldon Smith all but wraps up Keithen Valentine on third-and-4, and Malbrough wraps him up.  We had no idea who #18 was until we saw the back of his jersey.

2:22 - Damn...Banks for 53 yards on 4th-and-10 to set up a 1st-and-goal.  Was liking the 26-point win.

2:23 - Mizzou's line stiffens on first- and second-and-goal, and on third-and-goal, the option is eaten up.  Fourth-and-goal for the 26-point win...

2:24 - ...and a pass for Banks falls incomplete.  VERY nice response to the fourth-down breakdown, and KSU is stuck at 12.

2:27 - The Beef likes Bill Snyder way more than Ron Prince.  No timeouts, and Mizzou will run out the clock.  Lovely win, boys.