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Week 12 BTBS Picks!

I'm a day behind on all my posts this week...whoever thought of having football and basketball seasons going simultaneously really should have spoken to me about it first...

Last Week: horrid start, solid finish.

Category Last Week Season
All Games 31-26 (54.4%) 306-241-8 (55.9%)
Big 12 5-1 (83.3%) 43-31-2 (57.9%)
"LOCKS" 1-1 (50.0%) 27-25-2 (51.9%)

I give, MAC.  You have bested me once again.  The MAC is just a screwy, screwy league, and there are no numbers that can defeat them.  I went 1-5 in MAC games last week and am already a rousing 0-2 after the Buffalo-Miami and CMU-Ball St. games last night.  Take my MAC performance out of last week's equation, and my 30-21 record was a solid 59%.  Oh well, I guess.  You've been warned -- don't bet on any of my MAC picks.

Though a) if you're betting on MAC games, and b) if you're using my picks to do so, you need an intervention.  Just sayin'.

Date Time Game Projection Spread ATS Verdict
Thursday, 11/19 6:30pm Colorado at Oklahoma State OSU by 20.0 OSU -17.5 OSU
Saturday, 11/21 11:30am Oklahoma at Texas Tech OU by 2.8 OU -6.5 Tech (WIN)
1:00pm Iowa State at Missouri Mizzou by 18.2 Mizzou -15 Mizzou
2:30pm Baylor at Texas A&M ATM by 12.1 ATM -7 ATM (WIN)
6:45pm Kansas State at Nebraska NU by 33.8 NU -16.5 NU
7:00pm Kansas at Texas UT by 26.7 UT -27.5 Kansas


  • I think I agree with the numbers--NU will probably (and unfortunately) smoke KSU Saturday night.  (Jinx...Jinx...JINX...)
  • Meanwhile, I was REALLY hoping the numbers would come out on the side of Texas...would not want any part of betting on Kansas right now.
  • Seriously, the lines and my projections are just getting closer and closer each week.  I love that the Memphis-Houston, UVa-Clemson and Utah-SDSU picks below are NOT the closest projections of the week...that honor goes to Kentucky-Georgia, where the line is UGa -8 and the projection is UGa by 8.01.  Wouldn't be smart to bet on any of those.

All games after the jump.

Date Time Game Projection Spread ATS Verdict
Thurs., 11/19 6:30pm Colorado at Oklahoma State OSU by 20.0 OSU -17.5 OSU
Fri., 11/20 4:30pm Akron at Bowling Green BGSU by 15.5 BGSU -10.5 BGSU (WIN)
6:00pm Eastern Michigan at Toledo Toledo by 20.2 Toledo -19 Toledo (WIN)
8:30pm Boise State at Utah State Boise by 5.2 (?) Boise -23 USU
Sat., 11/21 11:00am Duke at Miami Miami by 29.9 Miami -19.5 Miami
Louisville at South Florida USF by 15.5 USF -11.5 USF (WIN)
Maryland at Florida State FSU by 16.7 FSU -19 Maryland (WIN)
MInnesota at Iowa Iowa by 17.8 Iowa -10 Iowa (WIN)
North Carolina at Boston College BC by 11.2 BC -3.5 BC
Ohio State at Michigan tOSU by 11.8 tOSU -12 Michigan (WIN)
11:21am Chattanooga at Alabama 'Bama by 69.8 (!!) N/A
Mississippi State at Arkansas Arkansas by 14.4 Arkansas -11 Arkansas (WIN)
11:30am Florida International at Florida Florida by 55.1 Florida -45 Florida (WIN)
Oklahoma at Texas Tech OU by 2.8 OU -6.5 OU
12:00pm Kent State at Temple Temple by 10.5 Temple -11.5 Temple (WIN)
Memphis at Houston Houston by 23.6 Houston -23.5 Houston (WIN)
1:00pm Iowa State at MIssouri Mizzou by 18.2 Mizzou -15 Mizzou
Northern Illinois at Ohio Ohio by 6.3 Ohio -1 Ohio (WIN)
TCU at Wyoming TCU by 17.0 TCU -31.5 WYOMING
Tulane at Central Florida UCF by 13.2 UCF -21.5 Tulane
1:30pm Connecticut at Notre Dame Irish by 9.2 Irish -6 Irish
2:30pm Air Force at BYU BYU by 14.4 BYU -10.5 BYU (WIN)
Baylor at Texas A&M ATM by 12.1 ATM -7 ATM (WIN)
LSU at Ole Miss LSU by 5.0 LSU +4.5 LSU (WIN)
N.C. State at Virginia Tech VT by 30.9 VT -21 VT (WIN)
Penn State at Michigan State PSU by 2.8 PSU -3.5 MSU
Purdue at Indiana Purdue by 0.5 Purdue -3 Indiana
Rutgers at Syracuse 'Cuse by 14.5?? 'Cuse +9.5 'CUSE (WIN)
UAB at East Carolina ECU by 6.6 ECU -12.5 UAB
UTEP at Rice UTEP by 2.5 UTEP -6.5 Rice (WIN)
Virginia at Clemson Clemson by 21.1 Clemson -21 Clemson
Wisconsin at Northwestern Wiscy by 17.3 Wiscy -7 Wiscy
3:00pm Arizona State at UCLA UCLA by 19.0 UCLA -5 UCLA (WIN)
Army at North Texas UNT by 13.1 UNT -2 UNT
San Diego State at Utah Utes by 19.9 Utah -20 SDSU
3:15pm Florida Atlantic at Troy Troy by 15.8 Troy -16 FAU
3:30pm Arkansas State at Middle Tennessee MTSU by 19.8 MTSU -11 MTSU (WIN)
SMU at Marshall Marshall by 18.1 Marshall -4 MARSHALL
4:00pm Louisiana Tech at Fresno State Fresno by 18.8 Fresno -9.5 Fresno
Oregon State at Washington State OSU by 28.5 OSU -30.5 Wazzu
5:00pm Colorado State at New Mexico CSU by 8.6 CSU -4 CSU
6:00pm UL-Monroe at UL-Lafayette ULM by 5.6 ULM -2.5 ULM
Vanderbilt at Tennessee Vols by 32.5 Vols -17 VOLS
6:30pm California at Stanford Stanford by 7.3 Stanford -7.5 Cal (WIN)
Tulsa at Southern Miss USM by 4.1 USM -8.5 Tulsa
6:45pm Kansas State at Nebraska NU by 33.8 NU -16.5 NU
Kentucky at Georgia UGa by 8.0 UGa -8 UGa
7:00pm Hawaii at San Jose State SJSU by 16.1 SJSU +3 SJSU
Kansas at Texas UT by 26.7 UT -27.5 KU
Oregon at Arizona Oregon by 11.3 Oregon -6 Oregon
9:30pm Nevada at New Mexico State Nevada by 13.3 Nevada -30 NMSU
  • It's pretty clear the numbers are simply wrong about some the top of that "some teams" list right now is Rutgers, whose ratings completely suck, in part because they were terrible the first few weeks of the season, and in part because they played two terrible FCS teams, thereby completely wrecking (over-wrecking, really) their strength of schedule.
  • 20-28...just getting KILLED and missing everything by about two points...son of a bitch...