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Mizzou Links, 11-24-09

Via PowerMizzou

Media Day


  • Mizzou, Nike Unveil "Beast Mode" Uniform
  • PowerMizzou: Tigers unveil new uniforms
  • KC Star: The Blue and the Gray of New Mizzou Unis
  • The Missourian: Missouri football team set to make fashion statement vs. KU

Other KU Links

    From the "this-really-doesn't-make-a-ton-of-sense" category, Mizzou - one of the youngest overall teams in the nation in 2009 (see following note about the depth chart) - has played consistently better away from home this season. Conventional wisdom says teams generally play better, and enjoy more success, at home, but in 2009, Mizzou enters the Kansas game at 4-1 away from home (including neutral-site games) and they went just 3-3 at home.

    Head Coach Gary Pinkel's teams have been strong away from of late, as Mizzou has won a combined 15 games away from Faurot Field the past three seasons (2007-09), after winning 13 combined in his first six years on the Tiger sideline (2001-06). The 2007 squad won 6 games away from home, including 5 during regular-season play, and the 2008 team followed with 4 regular-season wins, adding a 5th with its Alamo Bowl victory over Northwestern.

    The Mizzou record for most wins away from home (including neutral-site games) during regular-season play is 5, meaning that if the Tigers can win Saturday, they'll be able to match that record, set by the 1960, 1963, 1965, 1979, and 2007 teams.
  • The Missourian: MU student donations seven times those of KU counterparts
  • The Trib: Mangino still twisting in the wind
  • KC Star: Border War is one game Derrick Washington doesn't want to miss
    KC Star: Coaches come to Mangino's defense
  • PowerMizzou: Like Father, Unlike Son: Border War
  • Post-Dispatch: Jerrell Jackson rewards Pinkel's faith in him
  • Rock Chalk Talk: Kansas vs. Missouri Matchup Breakdown
  • Topeka Capital-Journal: Former player speaks out in defense of Mangino
  • Daily Kansan: Kansas vs Missouri game day

Other Mizzou Football Links

Big 12 Links

Other Mizzou Links

  • MU Basketball Mizzou Hosts Chattanooga on Tuesday
  • MU Volleyball Ampudia Earns Big 12 Newcomer of the Week (again!)
  • MU Wrestling
    The Trib: Time to get offensive


  • Study: College basketball referees hold home-team bias
    Results like this were the norm across all the games the professors studied from that season -- from the Big East to the ACC to the Big Ten and all 63 NCAA tournament games. The take-home message for coaches: The more aggressive your teams the better because, in the end, the foul count is going to be about even no matter what.
    Glad they mentioned that, as that is possibly the single most annoying thing about watching college basketball...the "whoops, it's a 4-to-1 foul differential...better call three fouls on this possession to even things up" tactic.  Has nothing to do with home-court advantage, but it is unbelievably annoying, and the message is correct--be as physical as you want, because the other team will end up getting whistled just as much anyway.

Finally...revel in this, the most annoying moment of every August and the most enjoyable moment of every November...via Senator Blutarsky...