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The Morning After: Links

I'm traveling back to MO this morning, so instead of posting further thoughts on what we witnessed yesterday, here are a handful of links and, after the jump, yesterday's liveblog.

Far too long liveblog after the jump...

2:32 - Greetings from OKC...I'm at my parents' house, getting ready to watch the game from the exact same seat in which I watched last year's game.  If that's not an awesome omen, I don't know what is.  I'm just going for the reverse jinx here, trying to offset the effect of "coach's last game" syndrome that always seems to eat Mizzou know...Dan McCarney, Bill Snyder (the first time), etc.  Reverse those effects, and I love our chances least, as soon as I see that we're capable of stopping a quick sideline pass for less than eight yards.

2:36 - Oh, and it's already been covered in the comments thread, but WOW are KU's jerseys hideous.  Probably not as bad as Mizzou's gold jerseys last year (still haven't recovered from that), but bad.

First Quarter

2:37 - Woohoo!  KU receives the kick!  Mizzou will actually get the ball in the second half!  And double woohoo...we didn't kick to Briscoe!  Short kick, and KU will start around their 35.

2:38 - Alright, here we go...Reesing's first pass is broken up!  I'll take it...quickly to second down, where the aforementioned quick pass to Kerry Meier goes for about six yards.  Third-and-4 coming..

2:39 - ...and Meier gets it easily.  Get used to this.

2:41 - After back-to-back quick passes to Jake Sharp, it's official passing down...this is where Mizzou's gotta make stops...

...and it's broken up!  Mizzou must have had amazing coverage, as Reesing had about 25 seconds to find a guy and couldn't.  Nice break-up by Kip Edwards on the deep ball, and KU will punt.  It rolls into the endzone, and Mizzou will start at the 20.  And they get the ball to start the second half!  Win-win!

2:43 - First play for Mizzou...Gabbert has a ton of time, and he finds Jerrell Jackson for 16!  I'll take that.

2:44 - After an eight-yard run by Gabbert, D-Wash plows through for another first down, and in three plays, Mizzou is past midfield.

2:44 - Another pass to Jackson nets about six...that's two passes to Jackson, both into the body, where it can't be dropped.  And on second down, a quick pass to D-Wash gets another first down to the KU 33.

2:45 - The first pass to Danario Alexander is a quick sideline pass, and KU was ready. Gabbert has to throw the ball away on second down, and Mizzou faces their first third-down of the day...third-and-10...make that third-and-15 after a delay of game penalty...Mizzou's not good in Passing Downs...

2:47 - Reverse jinx unsuccessful.  Gabbert overthrows, um, whoever he was aiming for, and it's fourth down from the 40.  Mizzou will punt.  They've flipped the field, but the drive was starting out pretty promising.

2:48 - OUTSTANDING punt...Harry kicks it up at the 1, and Beau Brinkley downs it there.  KU to start at their 1, in the endzone in which Todd Reesing became Sod Reesing two years ago...

2:51 - Ballsy play call...Reesing goes deep on first down but goes too deep.  Second down.

2:52 - After another misfired incompletion, it's third-and-10...would wager a thousand dollars that he's going short to Sharp here...

2:53 - ...but first, KU calls timeout.  STUPID timeout, as a delay of game penalty would have been a loss of about six inches...

2:54 - Alright...third-and-10...and KU false starts.  Sweet jesus, are the out of sorts right now...KNOCK ON WOOD...

2:55 - Third-and-11 after the penalty...and...yup...underneath to Jake Sharp.  Um, if I was willing to wager a thousand dollars on that play, that means it shouldn't have worked for a first down.  Come on, guys.  KU to their 18.

2:56 - Quick pass to McDougald, who gets a first down and is hit late out of bounds.  Mizzou now peeing themselves, and just like that, KU's to the MU 45.  Awesome.  MASSIVELY blown opportunity...and before I can finish typing that, it's 18 yards for Briscoe.

2:57 - Five yards to it possible that KU's given up on the run before actually running once?  I mean, it's working, but wow...12 passes, 0 runs...

2:58 - False start on KU, which is good...only they're capable of backing themselves up right now...

2:59 - Ugh.  Reesing breaks free to the 11.  Mizzou had them at the 1-inch line on third down, now they're going to score.

3:00 - After a short gain for Briscoe, Mizzou blitzes but doesn't get there, leaving Briscoe open in the endzone.  Touchdown.  Terrible dropped dagger by the Mizzou defense.  9 plays, 98 yards, 7-0.

3:03 - Oy...well...that could have been bad.  Jasper Simmons drops the kickoff, but he gathers it up and gets out to the 24.  Alright, boys...respond.

3:04 - After a quick six-yarder to Danario, Gabbert EXPLODES up the middle for 30 was some serious strong, fast running from #11, and Mizzou's to the KU 40.  KU's Caleb Blakesley is injured, so we're taking a timeout...

3:08 - First play after timeout, and a really weird double option play goes to Danario for a first down...creative.  Mizzou to the 31.

3:08 - Gabbert escapes pressure on first down and picks up three...I just cannot say enough how much faster he looks right now...dude's got another gear that he very obviously didn't have in October...

3:09 - After a short run by D-Wash, it's third-and-4...KU blitzes and Gabbert lobs one a hair too far for Jackson in the endzone...fourth-and-4, and Grant Ressel will attempt a 43-yarder...

3:11 - It's perfect, despite the "He's the most accurate kicker in the country" jinx.  7-3 KU.  Decent response, though we need to quit stalling out in KU territory.

3:12 - Nice kickoff coverage...kick goes to McDougald, who is wrapped up inside the 30.  Alright, defense, time to atone for your sins...

3:13 - Hey hey, a KU running play...power sweep (sort of) to Sharp for a decent gain of about five...followed by a quick pass to Sharp for about 20 yards or so.  Seriously, how in the hell do you lose him out of the backfield again?  And before I can finish that sentence, they run the same goddamn play to the other side of the field, with similar success.  They are being far too freaking predictable to fool Mizzou.

3:15 - Woohoo, another KU penalty...this time a 15-yard chop block.  They're the only ones slowing themselves down.  Am REALLY annoyed with the defense right now, and I'm a forgiving person.

3:16 - After a pass deflection on 1st-and-25, Reesing escapes another rush (god I hate this guy) and gains about seven.  Third-and-18.  You MUST NOT let them convert this.  You do not deserve to win if you start giving up 3rd-and-18...

3:17 - ...and Reesing calls his second timeout.

3:18 - ...and then KU converts 3rd-and-18.  No pass rush whatsoever, and Reesing finds some white guy for a huge gain to the 1.  Tim Biere.  This is inexcusable.  You can sacrifice a pass rush for blanket coverage, and right now Mizzou's got neither.  And Reesing sneaks in from the 1.  Disgusting.  14-3.  Last year the offense was horrific in the first half, this year it's the defense.  And Kansas hasn't had to do a single thing out of their normal repertoire.

3:22 - And a block in the back on the kickoff return.  Awesome.  Mizzou starts at their 9.

3:23 - Fake reverse to Alexander, and Gabbert finds Jackson for a first down.

3:23 - After a seven-yard keeper by Gabbert, it's a tunnel screen to Rolandis Woodland (hey hey!) for a first down.  And that's the end of the first quarter.  I'd say it can only get better for the Mizzou defense in the final 45 minutes, but that's far from a certainty.  And I haven't even begun to address why in the world Marcus Malbrough has been playing on almost every down.  Is Aldon Smith hurt or something?

Second Quarter

3:28 - Alright, Mizzou starts the quarter from their 39...and Gabbert picks up about 3.  I like that he's capable of running so well, but holy crap, we're going to him a lot.  On second down, Gabbert finds Jackson for a first down to midfield.

3:29 - Reverse to Jerrell Jackson, and there's a flag.  Block in the back on Wes Kemp AND personal foul on Kurtis Gregory.  Sweet.  First-and-25.

3:30 - Alexander picks up some of the penalty yardage, fighting for about 10 yards.  Second-and-15.

3:31 - KU blitzes...Mizzou picks it up, but Gabbert throws it a little high to Kemp, and Kemp can't reel it in...third-and-long...awesome...I'm sure this will end well.

3:32- ...actually, it does end well.  Gabbert goes long to Kemp, and there's a pass interference call on Chris Harris.  Not sure about that one, but I'll take it.  First down!

3:33 - Wildcat snap to D-Wash for no gain...I don't think we practice that enough to be good at it.  2nd-and-11.  Gabbert throws high to Jackson on second down, and we've got 3rd-and-long once again!  Awesome.  Three trips into KU territory, three stalled drives...

3:34 - ...reverse jinx somewhat successful.  Alexander gets about seven yards, and it's 4th-and-2...this would be about a 50-yard FG, so I assume we're going for it...yep...

3:35 - ...and we get it.  Out route to Alexander for about eight.  First down.  Holding on by a string here.  Five catches for Danario.

3:36 - Wow...Gabbert tries to escape the pocket but doesn't see the Onyegbule coming from the side.  Fumble, KU recovers.  Sigh.  And Gabbert's a little roughed up.

3:37 - Six-yarder to Briscoe, then an easy first down to Meier...who fumbles...but they're saying he was down.  REALLY close.  They'll review, but I assume it'll remain KU's ball.  Of course, the announcers are PISSING ME OFF, saying he was clearly down, as there was nothing clear about it.

3:39 - Yup, still KU ball.

3:40 - Hey hey!  Mizzou was accounting for the dump-off to Sharp!  No gain!  Option to Sharp gets only about three, so once again it's a passing down on third down for reason to think KU won't convert this one too.

3:41 - Reverse jinx successful!  Easy pass to Briscoe for a first, but he drops it.  Once again, only KU can stop KU.  Either way, a bullet dodged, and KU will punt.

3:42 - And after a kick-catch interference, Mizzou actually starts with good field position for once!  Okay, not good, but the 34's not terrible.

3:45 - Hmm...apparently Gabbert can only throw an accurate pass to Alexander right now.  Another one that's off to Jackson.  Second down.

3:46 - Terrible out pass to Kemp, and just like that it's 3rd-and-10...oy...

3:46 - ...and Gabbert overthrows Alexander.  Three off passes, and time to punt.  Not a great sign.

3:47 - Wow, Jake Harry for MVP.  A 56-yard bomb and good coverage, and KU will start at their 11.  Alright, defense, KU did you a favor last time...keep stepping it up...

3:49 - Wow, Will Ebner lights up Dez Briscoe after five yards...I do enjoy that he hits hard enough that he doesn't have to form tackle...of course, I'd prefer he also form tackle, but whatever...

3:50 - Another sideline pass to Briscoe, who fights for a first down but is stripped by Jacquies Smith!  The Carl Gettis Treatment recovers and returns it to the KU 5.  They're reviewing it, but it was pretty clearly a head's going to explode if this is overturned.

3:52 - Mizzou ball!  First-and-goal!

3:53 - Tough Gabbert keeper gets to the 2...second down...

3:53 - Washington to the 1...third down...the color commentator is talking smack about how hard it is to score in the red zone out of the spread...despite all evidence to the contrary.  Seriously, watch college football occasionally.  That narrative died two years ago.

3:54 - Case in point: touchdown, D-Wash!  14-10!  Under six minutes left in Q2...

3:58 - Another pooch kick, this one to Darrell Stuckey, who returns it to the 34.  I hate having to do that, but it's absolutely the smart play.

3:59 - Two quick passes, one to Briscoe and one to Meier, and KU's to the 46.

4:00 - Okay, credit where it's due on the shovel looked like Mizzou had that eaten up, and Reesing threaded it to Sharp anyway.

4:01 - After Meier slips after a 1-yard gain, Reesing overthrows McDougald (KU's #1 WR in 2010), and it's third-and-9...I'm not optimistic.

4:02 - ...yup.  Briscoe wide open underneath AGAIN, and he weaves inside the Mizzou 10.

4:03 - Touchdown, Meier.  Sigh.  Seen this before.  21-10.  We're not blitzing, and Reesing is picking us apart.  I realize blitzing might not work either, but hey...gotta try something...

4:07 - Nice return by Simmons, who is getting plenty of opportunities today...

4:07 - Nice, accurate pass to Jackson for a first down, and Mizzou's near midfield already.  Under three minutes left in the half...

4:08 - After a short run by D-Wash, Gabbert goes deep to Jackson but is a bit too long...that's about the fifth "just too long" deep ball of the day.  Disorienting, considering how accurate he's been the last couple of weeks.

4:09 - Also disorienting: Blaine Gabbert running VERY fast down the sidelines for almost a 40-yard gain...WOW...first-and-ten from the KU 11...

4:10 - No gain for D-Wash on first down, followed by a well-covered incompletion.  Quickly, it's third down from the 10 with 1:09 left.  Mizzou is 0-for-5 on third downs today.  Just run a dump-off and make sure the clock's running if you don't get the first down...I do NOT want KU getting the ball back with a minute left.

4:10 - Ugh.  Jump ball to Alexander incomplete, and the clock will stop with over a minute left.

4:12 - Ressel's field goal is good.  21-13, and KU's got a minute left.  Do not want.

4:13 - Ugh again.  Short kick to Stuckey, who barely steps out of bounds at midfield.

4:14 - Wow.  Mizzou gets a little pressure on Reesing, who pump fakes and then throws DIRECTLY to Kip Edwards.  Mizzou ball around midfield with 0:40 left.

4:15 - Nice coverage by KU on back-to-back plays, and it's quickly third down...and Gabbert throws deep and incomplete to Woodland.  Mizzou to punt, but as long as it's not blocked, Mizzou will go into halftime down just eight.  Could have been worse.

4:17 - Another beautiful Harry punt, and it's downed at the 5...KU will down it, and that's halftime.  Could be better for Mizzou, but I guess it could be a LOT worse.  And for once, we get the ball to start the second half.

Third Quarter

4:39 - Alright, here we go.  Simmons with another solid return to the KU 35.  Let's see if Gabbert's settled down a little.  His hyped state seems to have helped his rushing and hurt his passing.

4:40 - First pass: broken up after a scramble right.

4:40 - Second pass: quickly to Danario, who runs for a first down.  Love that play.  Mizzou to their 45.

4:41 - Third pass: a 150-mph dart to Danario, who can't handle it.

4:42 - Fourth pass: quickly to Danario, Danario.  He breaks tackles, outruns guys, and gets down to the KU 26.

4:43 - D-Wash for 12 yards, then D-Wash for 14...touchdown!  Brilliant blocking.  And of course we're going for two...we always do...and we call timeout.  Sigh.

4:45 - Keeper by Gabbert is eaten up, as everybody in the stadium knew Gabbert was keeping it, despite the fact that we blew a timeout to reconsider.  21-19.

4:48 - Woah...deep kickoff to Briscoe...was that intentional?  Either way, it was well-covered, and KU will start inside their 25.

4:49 - Nice, tough run for a first down by Jake Sharp, and you know what?  I'm fine with that.  Let him keep running--it's when they're passing and he drifts into the open that he becomes a bigger weapon.

4:50 - After an off-target pass by Reesing, Mizzou blitzes and Reesing barely finds Briscoe, but Kevin Rutland is called for "grabbing the helmet opening"...pretty shoddy call...his hand ended up there, but there was no grabbing.  Either way, KU's in Mizzou territory.

4:52 - Another tough run by Sharp.  His first good MU-KU game.  First down at the MU 36.

4:52 - A short pass to Meier for four yards, followed by a false start, and it'll be 2nd-and-11.

4:53 - Eight yards to Meier, and it'll be 3rd-and-3...allowing this conversion is more excusable...

4:54 - ...of course, allowing Reesing to camp out for 15 seconds and find Biere for an easy catch is not.  KU to the 15.

4:54 - Hello, Brian Coulter!  Stops Sharp for a gain of 1.

4:55 - Pressure on Reesing, and he fires too hard for Jonathan Wilson, incomplete.  Third-and-9.  HOLD THEM HERE.

4:56 - Hey hey!  Kip Edwards breaks up the pass to Briscoe, and KU has to settle for a FG.

4:57 - Or not.  Sean Weatherspoon is called for a personal foul on the field goal, and it's first down, KU.  And ABC REFUSES to show a replay, which naturally leads me to believe it was a terrible call.

4:58 - Reesing gets to the 2 on first down, and Sharp gets nothing on second down...third-and-goal...still waiting for a replay on the 'Spoon penalty...

4:59 - Third-and-goal...and Reesing has to call timeout.  And ABC STILL WON'T SHOW WHAT SPOON DID.  This is unbelievable.

5:00 - Touchdown, Meier.  Phantom penalty on 'Spoon hands KU four extra points.  And yes, I will continue calling it a horrendous, B.S., phantom penalty until ABC decides to show me what happened.  Freaking inexcusable.  28-19.

5:02 - According to s dub in comments,

Spoon "hit the center prior to being allowed to hit him" acc. to referee. Pinkel livid

Via Dave Matter's twitter.

Wow.  If we lose by less than four points, I'm going to lose my mind.

5:04 - Simmons with another solid return, out past the 30.  By the way, it's 5:04, and there is 7:24 left in the THIRD QUARTER.

5:05 - Quick pass to Danario for only five this time, and Jerrell Jackson limps off the field.  Then, a quick four yards for Danario, and it's third-and-1.  Uhh, big play here.

5:06 - KU is so paranoid about Danario that D-Wash easily scampers for a first down and then some.

5:07 - Wow...after gimping off the field, Jackson comes back, takes an end around and scores from 37 yards.  Didn't see that coming.  28-26, and again, we are BARELY halfway through the third quarter.  This game's going to last until 8pm.

5:08 - So Mizzou now has 21 rushes for 202 yards today.  And 31 passes for 149 yards.  Just as we expected, right?

5:10 - Sigh...another deep kickoff...only it goes out of bounds.  Ball at the 40.

5:11 - Bradley McDougald's pretty good.  Quick pass to him, and he avoids getting lit up by two guys and gets the first down.  KU already to midfield.

5:12 - After a Rell Lewis drop, Reesing finds Briscoe after about 38 seconds in the pocket, and after a really nice run, The Carl Gettis Treatment strips him, and Jarrell Harrison recovers.  So THAT's the gameplan.  Let them catch is and run, then strip them.  A surefire winner!

5:14 - D-Wash with a drop, then a 5-yard run, and it's third down...

5:15 - God I'm going to miss Danario Alexander so much.  He ditches his defender on a slant, then STORMS downfield for a 68-yard touchdown.  Wow.  Meanwhile, Jerrell Jackson waves at a KU defender and gets flagged for 15 yards.  In the first half, Todd Reesing almost headbutted a Mizzou defender after a first down.  No flag.  Either way, Mizzou is up 33-28, so I'll stop complaining, especially after the kickoff is only taken to the 35.  Net win for Mizzou.

5:18 - Okay, Mizzou just got called for ANOTHER personal foul that ABC has no account for, and KU's at the 50.  Crazy calls here, and incredibly bad coverage by ABC.

5:19 - Sharp is stuffed on first down, and The Carl Gettis Treatment breaks up a pass on second down...and it's 3rd-and-10...HUGE play here...which isn't usually a good sign for the Mizzou defense...

5:20 - ...and that's a delay of game penalty.  Third-and-15.  For the love of god, please stop them here...

5:21 - YES.  Reesing is pressured and has to dump it off, and Kevin Rutland BLOWS UP Sharp.  Fourth down, and KU will punt.  It's downed at the 12, and MU will take over with 2:15 left in the longest freaking quarter in the history of the world.

5:23 - Aww...Danario just ROASTS a defender on a double move...59 yards later, Mizzou's inside the KU 35.  We are so spoiled watching this.  This is the best sustained WR play we will EVER see.  11 catches, 205 yards.  Four straight games with 180+ yards.

5:24 - Make that 12 for 212.  Sets up a 3rd-and-3...

5:25 - ...and Gabbert picks up the first down to the 22.

5:25 - And now it's D-Wash's turn to bull over four tacklers for another first down to the 12.  Wow.  What a way to end the third quarter.

Fourth Quarter

5:29 - Alright, here we 15 minutes...Gabbert gets about two on first down.

5:30 - Second down...and Gabbert's sacked.  The end of the quarter came at a terrible time, as KU got their legs back.  Third-and-17 from the 19, and Mizzou will call timeout.  I'm all for aggressive play-calling here, but nothing stupid, please...the field goal will put us up 8...(and of course, if we hadn't gone for two earlier, a field goal would put us up my dad has mentioned, um, a couple of times now)...

5:33 - Alright, here we go...Gabbert under pressure, and Mizzou will settle for the field goal.  Huge kick here, and once again, the "most accurate kicker" jinx is in effect...

5:34 - And he's perfect.  Again.  36-28.  I like that score for some reason...hmm...can't figure out why...

5:35 - Deep kickoff to Briscoe, and it's stopped at the 29.  I'll take it.

5:36 - Nice pass by Reesing to Briscoe for 8...he's still completing some passes, but Mizzou's making it harder on him...or has so need for a jinx there...

5:37 - Reesing picks up the first down on the option, but there's a hold.  Second-and-12 from the 26...and Reesing's pass is off-target.  Third-and-12...

5:38 - Mizzou blitzes...and Reesing finds Briscoe for a 74-yard touchdown.  Yep.  For all those asking why we don't blitz more, that's why.  Briscoe's really good.  KU will now go for 2, and for my dad's sake, I REALLY hope they don't get it...

5:39 - They get it.  Meier finally comes open after, what, 15 seconds?  30?  36-36.  This game has had 124 momentum changes.

5:43 - Simmons is still shaken from being burned by Briscoe apparently, and he has to fall on the ball at the 19.  Not quite the way I wanted to start this drive.  Or not!  Offsides on KU!  Re-kick!

5:44 - Yeah, I like that one better.  Simmons to the 45.

5:45 - Confusing play fake by Gabbert, who looks to run, then pass, then run again, and he loses two yards.  Second down.

5:46 - Ugh.  Pass for no gain to Washington, and it's the always-to-be-avoided third-and-long...KU's got the momentum back...and there are STILL 11 minutes left in the game...time for another five momentum changes...

5:47 - Blitz comes, and Gabbert escapes for a four-yard gain, and on comes Jake Harry IV, the guy who WAS MVP before Danario became Danario.

5:48 - God bless you, Jake IV.  Bounces at the 15 and rolls to the 1-inch line.  Lovely.  9:44 left.

5:49 - After a move-the-pile run picks up about 6 yards, Will Ebner crushes Rell Lewis for no gain, and it's 3rd-and-4...

5:50 - Ugh...we drop seven into coverage and get no pressure whatsoever.  EVENTUALLY he finds Briscoe for 25.  Oy.  We can't blitz, and we can't drop seven again.

5:51 - Nice rush by Brad Madison, getting a hand on Reesing and forcing an incompletion.  Second down.

5:52 - And Carl Gettis will want to forget that this play ever happened.  Dump-off to Rell Lewis, who juked him out of his shoes, and 40+ yards later, KU's in scoring position.  Oy.  MU-KU games cannot be any crazier.

5:52 - Hello, Aldon Smith.  His first big play is an eight-yard sack...and it's negated by a 17-yard pass to Briscoe. And then Lewis plows forward for a first down.  He's way fresher than the Mizzou defense.  First down from the 6...

5:54 - Gachkar stops Lewis on first down, and Reesing throws a perfect fade to Meier on second down, only Meier wasn't looking...third down.  Um, big play.

5:55 - Hey hey!  Mizzou blitzes and it works!  Intentional grounding on Reesing, and it'll be a 39-yard FG attempt...

5:56 - The kick is perfect, and it's 39-36 KU with 5:10 left.  Now Mizzou not only has to score, but they have to eat up about 5:09 doing it.

5:59 - Nice return by Kemp, and Mizzou will once again start past their 30.  I'm too tired to be nervous right now.  Of course, that doesn't mean that the false start that just happened is okay by me.  First-and-15.

6:00 - KU's ready for the quick pass to Danario now.  Second-and-11.

6:01 - Wow...Danario with a catch on a slant and carries two guys for ten yards.  Third-and-1.

6:01 - UGH.  Washington slips in the backfield.  Loss of four.  GOD THAT SUCKS SO MUCH.  I REALLY hate football right now.  Fourth-and-4, and it's just far enough that Mizzou will go for it.  And it's pretty much a given that Harry's punt will be downed at the 1, which it is.  Three minutes left, Mizzou with one timeout.  One first down, and it's pretty much over...unless they get the first down on the first play.

6:05 - First-and-10: deep ball?  Incomplete, and it stops the clock.  Ballsy call, but now that it didn't work, I get to call it stupid.

6:05 - Second-and-10: ANOTHER incomplete pass.  Briscoe slipped and almost batted it straight into the air for a pick six.  Oh that would have been great.

6:06 - Third-and-10: HOLY CRAP.  POCKET COLLAPSES ON REESING, AND HE'S SACKED FOR A SAFETY.  39-38, 2:45 LEFT.  Huge gamble by KU, and it did not work.  WOW.

6:08 - Gettis returns the free kick near midfield.  Flags down, probably off-setting unsportsmanlike conduct.  Yup.

6:09 - Draw play by Gabbert gets about three, then D-Wash picks up the first down to the KU 40.  1:57 left.

6:10 - Wow...Gabbert throws it away after about eight seconds of needing to throw it away.  Second down, 1:32 left.

6:11 - Eight yards for Danario on second down...would be a 50-yarder...1:16 left...

6:12 - Third-and-2...and...WOW...D-Wash gets the first down...keeps moving...keeps moving...breaks into the open field...and he's tackled at the 5.  WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW.  Injured Jayhawk on the play...

6:13 - KU calls their second timeout with :51 left on first down.  Kneel it, make KU call their last timeout with :48 left, then kneel it again, kneel it again, then call timeout with :03 left.  None of that "kick it on third down" crap.  This is extra point length.  Trust your guys to make it in one try.

6:15 - Mizzou does just that...kneels it and runs it down to :04 left.  Now the announcers will remind us that Ressel is the most accurate kicker in the country at least 26 times to attempt a Wolfert-in-the-Alamo-Bowl jinx.

6:17 - Alright, here we go...come on, Ressel...




...'s good.  Of course it is.  41-39.  Final.  I'm almost dripping sweat right now.  Wow.