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Rock M Roundtable!

1 - Just for fun, let's rank the North teams in order of their likelihood of winning the North.  I'd like to see where everybody's mind is at right now.

2 - On a scale of 1-10, how concerned are you about your team's QB right now?  (I'm curious about how you feel about Gabbert, but really I'm just curious how Doug feels about Todd Reesing right now.)

3 - Picks!

Oklahoma at Nebraska
Kansas at Kansas State
Oklahoma State at Iowa State
Texas A&M at Colorado
Central Florida at Texas??

And finally...
Baylor at Missouri

4 - In honor of
this list, what's your favorite terrible action movie of all-time?

The Beef: 1 - #1 – Mizzou…I really think they will win out with a healthy Gabbert and having learned from the past few weeks, while I think NU is in enough trouble on offense that they will drop a couple of games

#2 – NU…have to put them there, but I don’t think they can hold the spot

#3 – kSU…and I don’t really think they can do it

#4 – kU…their murderous schedule is still taking its toll

#5 – ISU….would be fun…but…no

#6 – CU….um…yeah

2 - If 10 is the most concerned, color me at a 4.  I think he is still one more week from being TOTALLY out of the woods on this injury, and he is still staring down receivers, which is leading to a good amount of picks.  I don’t think this game coming up will do wonders for his confidence since BU has a decent pass defense and I think we will throw it even less than we did against CU.  But a totally healthy BG for the last three games, along with a running game which should have a couple of decent efforts in their back pocket should be great for our confidence.

3 - Oklahoma at Nebraska – I know Bill’s numbers like NU…but I don’t.  I am not entirely sure NU scores

Kansas at Kansas State – Boy howdy…I just don’t know.  kU really needs this one, but I don’t like them having to play in Manhatten.  I will take the ‘Cats in an ugly one

Oklahoma State at Iowa State – OSU to bounce back

Texas A&M at Colorado – aTm to pile on the insanity in Boulder

Central Florida at Texas?? – Yeah…UT will just keep running it up to make sure Iowa (or someone else I suppose) does not pass them

Baylor at Missouri – BU is dead-ass last against the run in conference, and I expect our (stubborn) coaches to take full advantage of that.  Continue to pound the ball to D Wash (who seems to be regaining confidence) and D Moore (who seems to be clear of his own ankle issues) and use this game like you would a non-con game.  Get people healthy…get things working and get on to the next week, which is the much bigger game.  In the end, I think we dominate TOP, but perhaps not as much on the scoreboard, but I will still take us by about 17 points or so.

4 - Goodness…just clicking through that list, I love The Jackal, REALLY love Starship Troopers (Kill ‘em…kill ‘em all!!), REALLY REALLY love Hudson Hawk, REALLY love The Last Dragon (LEEE-ROI!!!!!), love Best of the Best (the scene at the end made my mom cry and that was all she saw of the movie).  Ah…what a great list.

Doug: 1 - Hmmm... I think Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri have the best chances, probably in that order, and K-State, CU and ISU are in the bottom in that order. Though, honestly, I couldn't tell you why I have the teams ranked in that order.

2 - It's a 6 or 7. Defenses are getting to him, he's making some bad decisions (like multiple intentional grounding calls) and taking shots. Granted, there are still moments where the Reesing magic shines through, but the reality is he's been shorting passes and not getting enough time to work the entire field. I think they need to stop operating in the pocket so much and get him moving around. Plus, the fact that he's almost certainly fighting injuries adds to the concern.

3 - Oklahoma
Oklahoma State
Seriously? Pass.
I'm not even going to dignify this game with a selection.

4 - Oh, there are some good ones on the list.. but I'll go with The Jackal. Seriously, if I come across that movie on cable, I can't turn away... and that gun is awesome. Almost as awesome as Gere's accent.

Michael Atchison: 1 - This one requires a lot of math, and a lot of looking at the schedules, but here’s my best guess:

   1. K-State.  Beat Kansas at home, take one of the remaining two (Mizzou, @NU), and it’s theirs (I think).  Game at Lincoln could be for the division.  Would’ve lost a million dollar bet a month ago.
   2. Nebraska. It’ll require two road wins against reeling teams plus a win over K-State, but if they do it, they win tie-breakers over K-State and Mizzou.
   3. Missouri.  I’d rank them higher, but the Tigers need to be perfect from here on out, and the games at Manhattan and Arrowhead are far from gimmies.
   4. Colorado, Iowa State and Kansas.  No chance.  Each would have to pull off a minor miracle at this stage.

2 - 7 or 8.  I’m fine with Gabbert.  I think he needs to be more poised in the pocket (he gets happy feet early), and more judicious with his throws, but he’s a sophomore with crazy gifts and he’s going to take his team to a bowl game in a rebuilding year.

But now that you’ve mentioned Reesing, I watched that game and I think I’d be furious if I were a Kansas fan.  First, I would’ve been miffed by the decision not to onside kick with the ball at Tech’s 40.  They traded a chance at the ball for ten yards of field position.  Still, in the grand scheme of things, that wouldn’t have put me over the edge (it’s the equivalent of Pinkel’s judgment on when to go for two).  But lifting Reesing with 7:10 to play and down two touchdowns was insane.  You don’t have much chance to win there, but you have a chance.  And then they punted with 6:35 to play, down two touchdowns.  Coaches always put off the tough decisions.  But you have to look at the odds: Which gives me a better chance of winning?  Punting here?  Or going for it?  When you’re down 14 with 6:35 to play, the only way to win is to make a big play.  And punting is not a big play, especially not on the road, and not giving it to that offense.  That decision, combined with benching Reesing, was as close to a surrender as I’ve seen in a long while.

3 - Oklahoma at Nebraska  OU by 17.
Kansas at Kansas State  KSU by 10.
Oklahoma State at Iowa State  OSU by 20.
Texas A&M at Colorado  Who could possibly know? One team wins by 40, but I don’t know which.
Central Florida at Texas??  I was shocked when (a) I noticed that game on the schedule last week; and (b) saw that it’s televised.  Texas by a billion.

Baylor at Missouri  Tigers by 21.

4 - Either the one where Steven Seagal kicks ass on a submarine (though that one is probably better than craptastic) or the one where Steven Seagal kicks hillbilly ass in the mountains and gives Marg Helgenberger the vapors.

Michael Atchison: I follow the South Florida beat writer on Twitter, and he just posted that last night Jarrid Famous put up 20 points, 8 boards and 6 assists in USF’s exhibition game.  AAAAAArrrgh!

The Beef: AAAAAAAArgh! Is right.  Man…don’t get me wrong…I like where we are going as a program.  But given my considerations and questions about our low-post game…man I would have loved to have had Famous out there.


ZouDave: 1 - I would say:

Nebraska - 3-1 in final 4 games to hold steady at 5-3
Missouri - 4-0 in final 4 games to reach 5-3
KSU - 0-3 in final 3 games to finish 3-5
ISU - 1-2 in final 3 games to finish 3-5
kansas - 1-3 in final 4 games to reach 2-6
Colorado - 0-4 in final 4 games to reach 1-7

Now, obviously I hope that Colorado beats Nebraska as the only prediction I get wrong so that NU falls to 4-4 and Mizzou sneaks away with the North at 5-3.

2 - I'd say probably a 4.5.  I'm not that concerned, this is about what I expected to get out of him this year.  I wish he was progressing more, but I basically have to forgive the 2nd half of Nebraska, all of OSU and Texas because he was playing hurt.  He needs to get his TD:INT ratio back under control over our last 4 games.  If he finishes the year anywhere near 2:1 then I will be extremely pleased with his season.

3 - OU kills Nebraska to continue keeping Nebraska winless at home this year in the Big 12
kansas comes out motivated and plays their best offensive game of the year to escape Manhattan with a win
OSU steamrolls the plucky ISU bunch
aTm takes advantage of a deflated, unmotivated and bad Colorado team
Texas scores their zip code on the Golden Knights

Missouri 34, Baylor 17

4 - Oh man, see I don't consider Starship Troopers a bad movie.  It's not great by any stretch, but I like that movie.  Bloodsport, Kickboxer and Best of the Best are definitely guilty pleasure movies that are just so horrible but I will watch them almost every time I find them on TBS or TNT or whatever channel is showing them.

My addition to the list has to be the entire Steven Segal library.  Most specifically, Under Siege 2.  If for no other reason, it gave us a 17-year old Katherine Heigl.

ghtd36: Roundtable'd!

1 - If I were to put it to percentages, I'd say that Nebraska has about a 60% chance of winning the North (schedule is favorable and having that win over Mizzou is GIGANTIC right now), followed by Mizzou at about 20%, followed by K-State at 10%, Kansas at 5%, Iowa State at 5% and Colorado at LOL%.

2 - On a scale of 1-10, how concerned are you about your team's QB right now?  (I'm curious about how you feel about Gabbert, but really I'm just curious how Doug feels about Todd Reesing right now.)

About a 3. Fire up the flux capacitor and ask me a week ago, and I'd say 5. But his game at Colorado actually put me more at ease because he was more at ease. He wasn't forcing anything, and he just looked like a poised quarterback. Yeah, his INTs have become a bit of a problem, but I keep thinking that he's here for two more season after this (OK, at least one more season) and know that he can be an elite Big XII QB. It's a nice feeling. Still, I wish he'd keep his ankle in a vault at night.

3 - Oklahoma at Nebraska -- Oklahoma. Bo Knows Being Overvalued After Winning A Game In The Rain.

Kansas at Kansas State -- Kansas. I just can't shake the feeling that the more purely talented team will finally play up to its capability.

Oklahoma State at Iowa State -- Oklahoma State. I know, it's fashionable to pick Iowa State, but are we really going to pick Austen Arnaud in a big game?

Texas A&M at Colorado -- Texas A&M, though at this point, Colorado could be playing the Washington Generals and I'd seriously consider taking the Generals and the points.

Central Florida at Texas -- Central Florida in a stunner. Just kidding.

Baylor at Missouri -- Mizzou. If Hot Tub Griffin were playing, I'd be much more worried, but at home against a rookie QB (South Garland's own Nick Florence!!!!1111
1eleven!), I like the Tigers' chances.

4 - Easiest question ever.

ZouDave: man that's only like 8 years away!

(two hours later...)

RPT: So, Bill and I were both pretty high on Oregon before the season, leaving me to be extremely pissed off for getting burned after the Boise State debacle.

Now, EDSBS gives us this perfect visual representation of Oregon's season and the production of Jeremiah Masoli:

The Beef: And here I was just about to say how craptastic this roundtable had been to this point….

RPT: We should probably count our blessings. Look at what our friends at Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician are having to go through.

By the way, I can't recommend that site highly enough.

The Beef: Yeah…I get the whole early thing…but that is just brutal for a basketball team.  I am sure ‘Cuse will finish 10th in the Big East and go on some ridiculous run to make the tourney, but that is a rough start.

(45 minutes later...)

ZouDave: there's bringing it strong, and then there's us.

(15 minutes later...)

The Beef: Boy howdy…

Michael Atchison: Has the guy whose name starts with r even gotten out of bed yet?  I think we did hear from the guy whose name starts with g.

ghtd36: Maybe we should start each RMN Rountable saying that a bad Roundtable is a "lock", so that we know it won't come true.

The Beef: If that had been the case, we would not have disappointed.  Hell, has Bill even answered his own damn questions at this point?

RPT: You know who is to fault for this crappy roundtable? Nick Florence.


(/totally trying to drum up Baylor hate)

ghtd36: I heard Nick Florence stole the entire state of Missouri!

RPT: More!

Nick Florence whines about fan cans.
Nick Florence thought Kendial Lawrence was mediocre in high school.
Nick Florence disrespected ZouDave's sister.
Nick Florence approved the sale of AB to InBev
Nick Florence thought highly of the structural integrity of the New Orleans levees in 2005
Nick Florence listens to Creed
Nick Florence scoffs at The Beef's tailgating prowess.
Nick Florence thinks Asian Kid is a stupid meme.