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Mizzou Links, 11-5-09

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First of all, if you haven't been following this strange incident at Mizzourah, it might be worth your while to do so (Part II, Part III...each progressive part gets stranger).  Needless to say, the Mizzou blogosphere has Chase Daniel's back, to say the least, huh?  Anyhoo...

Baylor Links!

  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Behind the Numbers: Missouri-Baylor

    Missouri has gradually revived its running game the last few weeks, peaking with an 184-yard day at Colorado. The increased use of two-back formations has gotten some play lately, including here, but let’s look at how the Tigers are producing their rushing yards based on formations. Here’s a general breakdown of the formations MU used on its 45 rushing attempts at Colorado. (Keep in mind, MU runs various personnel sets and dozens of formations out of these looks. This is just a general glance)

    One-back, shotgun: 26 carries – 139 yards; 5.3 yards per carry; 1-yard touchdown; long runs of 23, 31, 15 and 16 yards

    Two-backs, shotgun: 11 – 36; 3.3 ypc; long runs of 10, 18 yards

    Empty-set, shotgun: 2 – 13; 6.5 ypc

    Jumbo, shotgun (fullback, direct snap to tailback, second back in motion): 2 – 5; 2.5 ypc

  • KC Star (Campus Corner): Hey Baylor: Something You Shouldn't Have Said

    Not that the words were mucho inflammatory, but Baylor defensive end Jason Lamb probably would have been better off not saying the following about the Bears' game Saturday at Missouri:

    "Watching tape on them, it is a winnable game. We just got to come out from a defensive standpoint and just play like we did the whole second half against Nebraska."

  • The Trib: Behind the Stripes Webcast: Episode 13, Pt. 1

Other Mizzou Football Links!

Big 12 Links!


Other Mizzou Links!


And...I guess I should pick this book up, huh?