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Mizzou Links, 11-6-09

Do be sure to check out the latest step in the Joe Davis Fail Project...I'd say it's funny, but it's every bit as pathetic as funny...

Mizzou-Baylor Links

  • PowerMizzou: Bears Insider: Five Questions for Saturday
  • Mizzou Athletics (via Facebook): I thought the Baylor game wasn't on TV?
    So FSN will piece together a game’s worth of highlights, cut down to an hour’s length, via the camera angles that are being fed to the instant-replay booth. Audio will be supplied by the Tiger Radio Network, so you hard-cord Tiger fans won’t have to turn down the volume – you’ll have the dulcet tones of Mike, Chris and Coach on your TV.

    The Mizzou/Baylor replay of "Big 12 No-Huddle" will show on these FSN affiliates (all times local):

    Tuesday, Nov. 10
    • FS Southwest (Noon)
    • FS Midwest (1 p.m.)
    Wednesday, Nov. 11
    • FS Midwest (9 p.m.)
    Thursday, Nov. 12
    • FS Southwest (Noon)
  • Waco Tribune: Former Marlin star finally shining at Missouri

    "He’s an extremely talented guy," Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert said. "Somehow Danario always finds a way to get open. And whenever he’s open I try to get him the ball, because really on any play he can take it to the house."

    Like most college coaches, Baylor coach Art Briles took notice of Alexander in the midst of recruiting his more heralded high school teammate at Marlin, quarterback Jeremy Sanders. Yet even somewhat overshadowed, Alexander’s future appeared blindingly bright.

    "He’s a big, agile kid that runs a little bit better than you think he does," Briles said. "He’s tough with the football, he’s got great hands and he’s a big target. Whatever he’s doing, it doesn’t surprise me at all."

  • Waco Tribune: John Werner's College Predictions: Another road loss for Baylor
  • Waco Tribune: How they match up
  • Mizzou Looks to Start November Hot

Other Mizzou Football Links

Big 12 Links


  • The Trib (Steve Walentik): What to Watch for: Truman State
    By no means will the minutes in Friday night's game be split up the same way they will be when the regular season begins or, more importantly, when the Tigers first find themselves in a tight ballgame. But we should get a glimpse at Mike Anderson's substitution patterns. I'm expecting forwards Keith Ramsey and Justin Safford and swingman Kim English to join senior guards J.T. Tiller and Zaire Taylor in the starting lineup. Safford seems the most likely choice to take DeMarre Carroll's spot at the top of the press, so that Ramsey, the team's top shot-blocker last season, can man the back end and defend the rim. If that's indeed the lineup, then sophomores Laurence Bowers and Marcus Denmon figure to be the first men off the bench in the frontcourt and backcourt, respectively. But what happens after that?
  • The Trib (Steve Walentik): Tigers picked 14th nationally in ESPN the Magazine
  • We Are Mizzou: Laurence Bowers Strives on the Court and in the Classroom

Other Mizzou Links

  • MU Volleyball Volleyball Hosts No. 2 Texas Saturday


That's right, a Posnanski rant on the Yankees' payroll, and video of a salsa-dancing dog. That's how I roll. Posnanski's rant really is worth your time. He points out that it is passe to complain about the Yankees' payroll at this point, that everybody has Yankees fatigue, but that the discrepancy is simply getting bigger ("The Boston Red Sox spend $50 million more than the Kansas City Royals? Who cares? The Yankees spend $80 million more than the Boston Red Sox.").

Oh yeah, and...