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Mizzou Links, 11-9-09

Well, since you got no links from me yesterday, I guess that means you get a metric ton of them today...

Baylor Wrap-Up Links

  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Emptying the Notebook
    How can a group that smacked around Colorado so confidently on the road come back home in front of a great crowd and get pushed back on its heels against a Baylor offense operating with a third-string freshman quarterback? The Bears all but nullified Missouri’s pass rush with its horizontal, quick-hitting passing game that essentially asked its receivers to catch a pass behind the line of scrimmage, zip behind a block on the perimeter and break tackles. The Bears followed that script immaculately and sprinkled in a few downfield passes just for variety’s sake. Missouri never had an answer. Even when the Tigers’ corners and safeties had tight coverage on Florence’s target, the receiver almost always came up with the ball.

    “Everything we saw today was exactly what we saw on film,” cornerback Kevin Rutland said. “There was nothing you could say about that except that it’s all on us.”

    A few defensive players acknowledged that MU shut down Baylor’s running game, but credit Weatherspoon, again, for speaking the truth. The most astute defensive MU player I’ve covered called MU’s rush defense numbers “a little deceptive … because those bubble screens they kind of treat that like their running plays,” he said. “That’s something that as a defense it’ll kill you. And if we don’t fix it, it’ll continue to kill you. That’s all it was. … They kept going back to what’s working. That’s what people do. If what you’re doing is working, why stop it until they stop it?”

    “They get rid of the ball quick, even on the deep passes,” he continued. “It wasn’t like post patterns or play-actions. It was ‘catch the ball and chuck it up.’ That’s what they do. They throw the little out screens to their receivers. They want their guys to break tackles and make plays.”

  • The Trib: With Nick Florence, Bears not dead yet
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  • The Missourian: Another breakout game from a Missouri defensive lineman
    The Missourian: Florence has record day leading Baylor over Missouri football
    The Missourian: Missouri sports doubleheader not as enjoyable as planned
    The Missourian: Baylor football fans still support despite early disappointment
  • KC Star (Campus Corner): A Players Meeting at Mizzou?
  • Post-Dispatch: Baylor cuts Mizzou in half
    Post-Dispatch: MU at loss to explain latest loss
    Post-Dispatch: Offense can't find Alexander in second half
  • Waco Tribune: Florence, Baylor upset Missouri for 1st Big 12 victory of year, 40-32
    Waco Tribune
    : Baylor defense puts pressure on Missouri in 2nd half
  • Terrance Curry: MU Tigers Review...What I like, dislike and suggest: MU vs Baylor

Other Mizzou Football Links

Big 12 Links

Other Mizzou Links

  • KC Star: Mizzou basketball has been on a meteoric course since Club Athena fiasco