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Mizzou Links, 12-15-09

Mizzou Football Links

Also: be sure to try to win free Texas Bowl tickets...

Big 12 Links

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • The Missourian: Rebounding still concern for Missouri men's basketball

Big 12 Links

Other Mizzou Links

  • KC Star (Campus Corner): If Big Ten Called, Missouri Would Listen

    If the Big Ten calls, Missouri WILL listen and with an enthusiastic ear.

    I've been told exactly that by numerous sources close to and within Mizzou.

    Missouri officials - although they have not yet openly gone beyond admitting they are frustrated by the Big 12 Conference bowl selection process - know the school is a second-class citizen in the monster that gobbled up the old Big Eight.

    There is a reason that any change in Big 12 Conference bylaws - such as forcing bowls to follow a selection process based on performance rather than ticket talk - requires a 9-3 vote.

    The Money Schools and the remaining Texas-based members of the New Southwest Conference like things just the way they are.
  • MU Women's Basketball
    The Missourian: More details emerge in arrest of women's basketball players
    The Trib: Injured MU cheerleader suspended

    Betsy Hanneman said a large gathering had developed when Short’s other roommate came out of her room and said she was trying to sleep.

    "That’s when everything fell apart," Betsy Hanneman said. "Justin, according to the girls, got very upset. They don’t know why, but he just kind of lost it and started yelling."

    Betsy Hanneman said Short pushed the players’ female friend, causing Johnson to push him back.

    "He got madder and knocked" the female roommate "down, had her down with his hand around her throat," Betsy Hanneman said. "She said she was screaming bloody murder, saying, ‘Get off me, get off me,’ and Amanda popped him in the nose. He got off of her."

    Yeah, this is getting rather entertaining.
  • MU Softball 2010 Softball Schedule Announced (a MURDEROUS early slate there)
  • MU Soccer
    The Missourian: Missouri's Andrighetto reaches for higher level in soccer


  • Palm Beach Post: Everything wrong with the Heisman voting, encapsulated by one voter

    Once again, a select group of homer voters altered the race. Here is the logic of one unnamed Florida Heisman voter, who voted 1. Ingram 2. Tebow 3. McCoy:

    "The reason that I voted for Ingram, Tebow and McCoy was because I saw them play the most. I never saw Gerhart play an entire game (we work all day Saturday and Saturday night) and only saw a few minutes of Suh’s game against Texas. I refused to vote for somebody based on highlights. And I think you have to represent your part of the country; in fact, there used to be fine print on the paper ballots that instructed balloters to vote "with regard to your region." However, I think it’s wrong to leave a player off your ballot completely just to help a player from your region, as apparently the case with some Big 12 voters on Tebow year. So I, too, an still unhappy about that injustice."

    So to recap, we have a voter who proudly admits he:

    1. Was too lazy to do any research on the candidates he did not see play this season (hint: it’s called "Google," or "Lexis Nexus").

    2. Wants to right the "injustice" done to Tebow in 2008.

  • Heisman Pundit: Voting Wrap Up