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BTBS Bowl Picks!

Picks are due very soon, (though there is still some time to go here and submit them) so it's time to reveal the final BTBS picks of the season.  I disagree with about ten of these picks, so we'll see how it goes...either way, it's been a semi-successful season of picks.  I'm really confident in my preseason projections system moving forward, but I've got to figure out how to not get whipped repeatedly once Vegas figures teams out by October.

Category Last 2 Wks*
All Games 6-8-1 (43.3%) 352-310-9 (53.1%)
Big 12 1-0 47-39-2 (54.5%)
"LOCKS" 0-0 30-30-2 (50.0%)

* "Last 2 Wks" entails Championship Saturday two weeks ago and Army-Navy last week.

The good news is, even if I go 0-34 in bowls, I'm guaranteed to be over .500 for the season.  So I've got THAT going for me...

Date Time Game Projection Spread ATS Verdict
12/19 3:30pm Fresno State vs Wyoming Fresno by 4.3 Fresno -10.5 Wyoming
7:00pm Central Florida vs Rutgers UCF by 5.0 UCF +2 UCF
12/20 7:30pm Southern Miss vs Mid. Tenn. St. MTSU by 6.7 MTSU +3.5 MTSU
12/22 7:00pm Oregon State vs BYU BYU by 12.5? BYU +1.5 BYU
12/23 7:00pm Utah vs California Utah by 11.8 Utah +3 UTAH
12/24 7:00pm Nevada vs SMU Nevada by 18.8 Nevada -14 Nevada
12/26 12:00pm Marshall vs Ohio Ohio by 1.9 Ohio -2 Marshall
3:30pm Pittsburgh vs North Carolina Pitt by 5.3 Pitt -3 Pitt
7:00pm Boston College vs USC USC by 5.1? USC -9 BC
12/27 7:30pm Kentucky vs Clemson Clemson by 11.1 Clemson -7 Clemson
12/28 4:00pm Texas A&M vs Georgia ATM by 2.5? ATM +7 ATM
12/29 3:30pm UCLA vs Temple UCLA by 4.2 UCLA -4 UCLA
7:00pm Miami-FL vs Wisconsin Miami by 2.2 Miami -3 Miami
12/30 3:30pm Bowling Green vs Idaho BGSU by 4.8 PICK BGSU
7:00pm Arizona vs Nebraska NU by 5.1 NU +1 NU
12/31 11:00am Houston vs Air Force AFA by 2.5 AFA +5 AFA
1:00pm Oklahoma vs Stanford OU by 16.2 OU -9.5 OU
2:30pm Navy vs Missouri Mizzou by 10.4 Mizzou -6 Mizzou
5:00pm Minnesota vs Iowa State Minny by 4.2 Minny -3 Minnesota
6:30pm Virginia Tech vs Tennessee VT by 4.7 VT -4.5 VT
1/1 10:00am Northwestern vs Auburn Auburn by 15.4 Auburn -8 Auburn
12:00pm Penn State vs LSU PSU by 7.8 PSU -3 PSU
12:00pm West Virginia vs Florida State WVU by 4.2 WVU -2.5 WVU
3:30pm Ohio State vs Oregon Oregon by 0.2 Oregon -3.5 Ohio State
7:30pm Cincinnati vs Florida UF by 15.1 UF -10 UF
1/2 11:00am S. Florida vs Northern Illinois USF by 8.6 USF -6.5 USF
1:00pm South Carolina vs UConn S. Caro. by 8.6 S. Caro. -4.5 S. Caro.
1:00pm Oklahoma State vs Ole Miss OSU by 1.6 OSU +3 OSU
4:30pm Arkansas vs East Carolina Arkansas by 14.8 Arkansas -7.5 Arkansas
8:00pm Michigan State vs Texas Tech Tech by 2.5 Tech -7 Mich. St.
1/4 7:00pm Boise State vs TCU TCU by 10.4 TCU -7 TCU
1/5 7:00pm Iowa vs Georgia Tech Iowa by 5.1 Iowa +4 Iowa
1/6 6:00pm Central Michigan vs Troy Troy by 4.7 Troy +4 Troy
1/7 7:00pm Texas vs Alabama 'Bama by 6.1 'Bama -5.5 'Bama
  • The picks I disagree with the most: Wyoming-Fresno (I hope DC pulls something off, but I have the sneaking suspicion that Fresno wins easily), BYU-Oregon St. (I think OSU's built to beat a team like BYU), BC-USC (the numbers have loved BC all season, but I just don't see how they keep this one close), Air Force-Houston (I think Houston covers easily), and OSU-Ole Miss (Is Robinson healthy? And isn't he going to seem rusty as hell?).