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Mizzou Links, 12-22-09

Not many links, but many different topics...and...really, Chicago Bulls?  Blow a 35-point lead?  Seriously?

Texas Bowl Links

  • PowerMizzou: Tigers back on the practice field
    *Michael Egnew has been the standout of bowl practices to me. He caught a couple of nice balls from Gabbert.

    *Couple of nice plays from defensive redshirts: Michael Sam blew up a running play and got Derrick Washington in the backfield. I still think he could bulk up and move to tackle. Andrew Wilson later batted down a pass in the flat from Gabbert.

Other Mizzou Football Links

  • KC Star: Extreme highs and lows highlight Missouri's decade
    KC Star: Missouri timeline through the last decade
  • Dr. Saturday: All-Decade Team: Vote for the decade's best tight end
  • KC Star (Campus Corner): Rockhurst's Dexter McDonald Confirms 24th Commitment to Mizzou
    PowerMizzou: McDonald talks about the switch

Big 12 Football Links

Braggin' Rights

  • Tigers Meet Illinois For Braggin' Rights

    The Future Is Bright For Mizzou

    Missouri’s freshmen and sophomores are scoring 55.9 points per game for the Tigers this season, which accounts for 69 percent of the team’s 82.3 total points per outing.

    > Those 55.9 points ranks second in the Big 12 this season and becomes incredibly promising since MU is welcoming the nation’s #7 overall recruiting class in 2010-11.

    > Kansas leads the Big 12 in underclassmen scoring at 59.8 points per game, while the Oklahoma Sooners rank third with 54.8 tallies a night.

  • Post-Dispatch: Teams shouldn't freak about a losing streak
    Dr. Sean McCann, U.S. Olympic Committee sports psychologist, said there is an ongoing debate about what constitutes a streak and what is just a statistical anomaly. Dr. Alan Goldberg, author of "Sports Slump Busting," said numbers themselves don't define a losing streak.

    "What makes it a losing streak is what you say about it and what you do about it," said Goldberg, a sports psychology consultant based in Amherst, Mass.

    Still, he acknowledged the debilitating effect that any such funk can have.

    "When any individual or team gets into a losing streak, they lose their ability to keep their focus in the moment," he said. "So what happens is what I call time traveling: They either get ahead of themselves and start thinking about the outcome, or they go back to what's happened in the past."

Other Mizzou Basketball Links

Big 12 Basketball Links

Today's Big Ten Links


  • The SEC wins, makes money and sometimes flies in the face of amateurism