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Rock M Nation Bowl Pick 'Em Contest: SLOWLY making some headway

I suppose when you think about it, we really could not have done much worse than we were doing to start out the bowl season.  We have a new tie atop the leaderboard, with M7Tiger using a 4-2 day (no one did better than that) to surge past many into the spot with Mrs. Bill C, who has led wire to wire.  But...we are starting to get a few more people above the .500 mark, and we have a ton of folks at 8-10 just itching to get into the race.  However, we are 160 games under .500 on the bowl season, so the road to .500 is a tough one.  Lots more games to go (52 sets of picks X 25 more games is over 1,000 more picks), but it really needs to start tomorrow with Clemson winning, as they were one of the most popular picks.

Standings after the jump, but this was one of the four big "moving" days (days where there were more than two games).  The next three are the 31st, 1st and 2nd which have 15 total games (30 picks).  That's likely to decide the winner.