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Rock M Nation Bowl Pick 'Em Contest: Two More Down

Another decent evening for the contest as a whole, as the winning percentage is back to 46% and we are coming close to getting under 100 games under .500.  Remember, there are 19 games (38 picks) over the next five days, which is more than half the action.  Plenty of time remaining.

Anyway, UCLA won with the somewhat surprising over, while Wisconsin surprised a bit, but was not a shock to the group with the under.  The community will be looking for Bowling Green and the under this afternoon along with Nebraska and the under tonight (though almost as many folks went with AZ tonight).  Countrycal retained the lead for the evening with Bill C. nipping at his heels.  Props to sleepy and amorphous for going 4-0 on the evening.

{Edited at 10:00 a.m. to fix the record issue of about five people and to fix that now everyone received a win for picking either the over or the under of the aTm/UGA game}

(new) Standings after the jump...