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Rock M Roundtable: Community Edition

With the usual cast of roundtable characters either off of work or digging themselves out of Kansas City snow, I'm once again opening the Roundtable up to the community.  Leave your answers in the comments below.

1 - Just to see where everyone's mindset is at the moment, what do you feel are Mizzou's odds of winning and losing tomorrow?

2 - Mike Leach: should he have been fired, suspended, or completely undisciplined?

3 - Mizzou in the '00s: Schadenfreude edition!  Today we relived the worst Mizzou moments of the decade, and soon we'll walk through the best, but in the meantime ... since so many schools got to laugh at so many unfortunate Mizzou moments in the middle part of the decade, which three moments did you enjoy most this decade, from a "making fun of others' misfortune" viewpoint?  Bucknell over Kansas?  Bill Callahan?  "Sod Reesing"?  Ron Prince?  What's at the top of your list?