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Mizzou Links, 12-31-09

...a.k.a. New Year's Eve...a.k.a. game day...a.k.a. Mike Leach Day...a.k.a. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Perfect storm for an absolute boatload of links, what with the Texas Bowl, the win over UMKC, and the weird drama that has become the Mike Leach saga...have a seat, this is going to take a while...

Texas Bowl

Other Mizzou Football Links

The Leach Story Just Keeps Getting Weirder

And then, late last night, the sentiment began to shift...

THEN, this came from Burnt Orange Nation, a pretty incriminating NY Times quote:

A person with direct knowledge of the tension between Leach and Texas Tech said that Craig James used his position at ESPN to lobby Texas Tech coaches for more playing time for his son.

"He called the coaches and implored them to play his son more and insinuated he would say good things about them on the air if they played his son more," said the person, who was granted anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the issue. "At one point Leach said to James, ‘The next time your father leaves any of us a voice mail to that effect we’re going to play it to the entire team.’ "

...and then the quote disappeared from the article.

Other Big 12 Links

Mizzou is Better than UMKC at Basketball

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  • Mizzou Volleyball Volleyball Freshman Kate Harris to Transfer